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Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start in Kenya

The number of unemployed people in Kenya keeps on rising. Every year, people graduate from colleges and universities but they never secure jobs. One of the ways to earn a living without being employed is by starting a business. There are many businesses you can start with little in Kenya. The following are some small business ideas with little capital in Kenya.  

Best Small Business Ideas in Kenya 

1. Movie Shop

Starting up a movie shop is a lucrative business in Kenya. A movie shop is a small business you can start with less than Ksh 15,000 in Kenya. Kenyans love to watch movies and listen to music during their free time.

With just a single laptop or computer, you can generate revenue of up to Ksh 2,000 a day. Start it simple, and with time, you can even expand the business to several towns. It is the most lucrative small business you can start. 

2. Fruit Stand Business

Fruits are readily available in Kenya. Fruit stand business is among the best small businesses to start in Kenya. With the growing importance of healthy living, venturing into this business will be great. 

You can decide to buy the fruits from fruit farmers or even do the farming yourself. You can start the business with as low as Kshs 2,000. It is among the most lucrative small businesses in Kenya. 

3. Bakery Business

Setting up a bakery business is an excellent small business idea in Kenya. You need to find a suitable location to set up your bakery. If you do not have the capital to rent out a place, start by baking at home.

Let your neighbors know about your hustle. You can even deliver cakes to their doorsteps. All you need is your baking equipment such as pans, an oven, measuring equipment, and decorating equipment.

4. Barbershop or Salon

Barbershops and hair salons businesses are among the best and profitable small businesses you can start. Start by offering services in your local area by visiting clients in their homes. Most of your clients will want the trending Kenyan hairstyles. Therefore, make sure that you know different hairstyles in Kenya.

Build a good relationship with your potential customers. When you have saved enough money, you can rent out a place and buy the necessary equipment. If you want to stand out among your competitors, be conversant with trending hairstyles.

5. Freelance Writing

Copywriting is one of the best small businesses you can do from any location in Kenya, provided you have an internet connection. All you need to start freelance content writing is excellent grammar and good writing skills. It is best small business to start in Kenya since you can do it at your free time. To get started, you just need to sign up on one of the best freelance websites

6. M-Pesa Business

The M-pesa business in Kenya has grown massively within a short time. Although many people run this business, you can never run short of customers due to large influx of customers.

To start an M-pesa business, you can either purchase your line or work under someone with a Safaricom line. To purchase your line, you need at least Kshs. 100, 000. You will need half of this amount to operate under someone's line.

7. Boda Boda Transport Business

The Boda Boda business is an excellent small business you can start in Kenya. Given that motorcycles are cheap, you are likely to make good money by establishing good relationships with your customers. They are likely to refer their friends to you. To start boda boda business, you can buy  a motorcycle on credit by paying some deposit, and then you pay off the rest in installments.

8. Cosmetics Selling Business

Kenyan women like to portray a good appearance. This makes cosmetics business the best business to start in Kenya.You can decide to sell lipsticks, perfumes, eye shadow, or even powder. Your business location should be a place where ladies love to visit, or at a place where they are likely to see as they run their errands. 

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9. Laundry Business

Laundry business is a profitable small business idea to start in Kenya. Career mums in your local area may not have the time to do their laundry. Take this opportunity to start making money by doing their laundry. Visit their homes and let them know what you can do for them.  You can start small, and when you make enough savings, invest in a washing machine and pressing irons.

10. Selling Second-hand Clothes

The sale of second-hand clothes is quite popular in Kenya. The mitumba business does not require a lot of capital to start. For this business to thrive, you need to find a suitable location with an influx of many people and a ready market.

Sell trending clothes, and you can be sure to make huge profits. It is small business idea that does not require technical skills to start. It is the most lucrative business in Kenya for most youths. 

11. Fast Food Business

Fast food business is a lucrative small business idea to start in Kenya. The starting capital can be as low as Ksh 1,000. Put your efforts in selecting a strategic location for the business.

You can start by preparing the community's staple food. When you start making progress, try something new.  A good example of a fast food business is Swahili dishes business in Murang'a.  With time, you will get many customers.

12. Cyber Cafe Business

A cyber cafe is a lucrative business you can start in Kenya. You can start this business near a university or college. You can offer typing, printing, photocopy and internet browsing services.

With a photocopy machine, printer and computers, you are set. Incorporate some creativity by stocking up some stationery in the business. You will earn more on how to expand as your customer base grow.

13. Car Wash Business

A car wash is also a profitable small business in Kenya that requires little capital to start. It would be best if you had a strategic location and a reliable water supply. Most times, car owners have no time to wash their cars. They will prefer to pay someone to do it. Take this opportunity and start making money with little investment.

14. Car Repair Business 

The high demand for cars has resulted to an increase in the demand for car repair services. You can start your own business if you have the skills. If you don't, you can set up the business and hire qualified mechanics. Ensure that the business is located near a car park or a bus stop. 

15. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a booming small business to start in Kenya. You can decide to invest in either Kienyenji or exotic poultry. The good news is that you have a guaranteed profit with poultry farming. Given that the business is highly profitable, a Kshs 20,000 investment should not feel like a burden. It remains to be one of the most profitable small businesses in Kenya. 

Other Profitable Small Business Ideas in Kenya 

  1. Milkshake business in Kenya 
  2. Mandazi business in Kenya 
  3. Chapati business in Kenya 
  4. Agrovet business in Kenya
  5. Chemist business in Kenya 
  6. Tent and chairs rental business in Kenya 
  7. Event planning business in Kenya
  8. Catering business in Kenya
  9. Fruit juice business in Kenya 
  10. Green grocery business in Kenya 
  11. Cooking gas business in Kenya 
  12. Tuktuk business in Kenya 
  13. Nyama choma business in Kenya 
  14. Phone accessories business in Kenya 
  15. Nail parlour business in Kenya 
  16. Mobile phone repair business in Kenya
  17. Movie shop business in Kenya
  18. Taxi business in Kenya
  19. Shoe business in Kenya
  20. Computer business in Kenya 
  21. Computer training business in Kenya
  22. Timberyard business in Kenya 
  23. Yogurt business in Kenya 
  24. Boutique business in Kenya 
  25. Milk distributorship business in Kenya 
  26. Electronics business in Kenya
  27. Car dealership business in Kenya 
  28. Consultancy business in Kenya 
  29. Law firm business in Kenya 
  30. Baby shop business in Kenya 
  31. Mini supermarket business in Kenya 
  32. Mali mali business in Kenya 
  33. Diaper business in Kenya 
  34. Egg wholesale business in Kenya 
  35. Pizza business in Kenya 
  36. Pool table business in Kenya 
  37. Massage business in Kenya
  38. Bike rental business in Kenya 
  39. Furniture business in Kenya 
  40. Chips business in Kenya 
  41. Construction equipment leasing business in Kenya 
  42. Tailoring business in Kenya 
  43. Animal feeds business in Kenya
  44. Bookshop business in Kenya 
  45. Photography business in Kenya 
  46. Motorcycle spare parts business in Kenya 
  47. Maize milling business in Kenya 
  48. Eggs, sausages and smokies business in Kenya
  49. Cereals business in Kenya 
  50. Fresh juice business in Kenya 
  51. Hardware business in Kenya
  52. Matatu business in Kenya
  53. Welding business in Kenya 
  54. Car rental business in Kenya 
  55. Retail shop business in Kenya 
  56. Video games business in Kenya
  57. Soap making business in Kenya 
  58. Auto spare parts business in Kenya
  59. Milk bar business in Kenya
  60. Ice cream business in Kenya

Summary of Profitable Small Businesses in Kenya

The above are some small business ideas you can start in Kenya. You don't need a lot of capital to start these businesses. Look for a business idea that is ideal for you and then invest in it. Look for a market gap or a problem you can solve in your locality. This can help you decide on the best business idea to invest in. The demand for products and services offered by these businesses is high, hence you can make huge profits. 

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