How to Start a Baby Shop Business in Kenya

A baby shop is a profitable business you can start in Kenya. The high number of nursing mothers creates a high demand for baby products. Every mother wants the best for their babies, and they will go the extra mile to make sure they are comfortable. This is why mothers purchase different items for their babies. Being a highly lucrative business, a baby shop business can be just what you need to attain financial independence

Write a Baby Shop Business Plan

It is crucial to plan your business before you can start. A business plan gives your business direction. It also helps you to foresee potential business risks and find ways to mitigate them. You need to include the following in your business plan:

Choose a Suitable Location for your Baby Shop

It is best to choose a location where there is high demand for baby products. Some of the places you can set up your shop include outside maternity hospitals, in marketplaces, near main roads, and beside shopping malls.

Conduct a Market Research

You need to conduct a survey to identify some of the baby products in demand and people's preferences. Mothers go for the best for their babies. This means that they will choose the best brands of baby products. Some of these brands include Mee Mee, Mama Earth, Pigeon, Biotique, Mothercare, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Chicco, etc.

Acquire Business Permits for your Baby Shop

It is important to acquire the necessary business licenses and insurance to run your business smoothly. There are different types of insurance policies that can cover your business against financial losses. You will need to choose an insurance policy that suits your business.

You need a single business permit and a fire safety certificate for your baby shop. Furthermore, you can get a single business permit from the County Offices or the County Council offices. The price of a single business permit differs from one County to the other. On average, it costs around Ksh 6,000 annually. 

Choose a Reliable Baby Products Supplier

Getting a reliable supplier for your baby shop will save you a lot of time and cost. Instead of going to shop for the products yourself, a supplier will deliver them to your business premises, saving you a lot of time and cost.

Baby Products to Sell in Kenya

There is a wide range of baby products that you can sell in Kenya. The type of products to sell depends on the needs of your target customers.

Some of the baby products that are in high demand include nappies, baby toys, diapers, baby soaps, baby toys, baby thermometers, baby clothes, baby powder, petroleum jelly, baby mittens, cotton buds, baby shampoos, etc. You can decide to sell all these products or focus on one product.

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How Much Do I Need to Start a Baby Shop in Kenya? 

Capital is one of the first considerations to make when starting a baby shop business. The startup capital will cover stuff like rental costs, electricity costs, money to buy baby products, license and insurance costs, etc. You need at least Ksh 200,000 to start a small baby shop business in Kenya.

Is a Baby Shop Business Profitable in Kenya?

Yes. Just like any other business, a baby shop business is profitable in Kenya. To maximize your profits, it is advisable to buy baby products at wholesale prices from manufacturers and distributors. Therefore, finding cheaper suppliers is critical. However, it is best to set fair prices for your customers.

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Market Your Baby Shop Business

After placing everything in order, you will need to advertise and promote your business. You can use social media marketing or distribute pamphlets and flyers. Great customer service is another way to attract and retain customers.

If you serve your customers well, they are likely to come back and will definitely tell their friends about your business. You can also use coupons and promotions to attract customers.


A baby shop business is just like any other business that requires hard work and persistence to succeed. Excellent customer service will accelerate the success of your business. A baby shop is a good business you can consider starting in Kenya since it has a ready market. 

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This article was updated on January 22, 2024

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