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How to Start Egg Wholesale Business in Kenya

The egg wholesale business is a booming venture in Kenya. However, not many people make it in this business due to high competition and other factors. Eggs are largely consumed by people in institutions like schools, hotels and events like weddings. Eggs have a large market and all you need to do is proper marketing. In this article, I will take you through the process of how you can start a profitable egg wholesale business in Kenya.

Do a Market Research

Before you can start planning your business, you need to do market research. Proper research will help you write a business plan. Some of the things to identify during the market research include the demand for eggs, competition and egg supply in the market.

You also need to identify challenges in the market that your business can help address. By addressing these challenges, your business is going to be different from the rest. It will also help you get a market share.

When doing market research, you can visit institutions you think need eggs and ask them if you can be their supplier.

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Write an Egg Wholesale Business Plan

The first step before starting any business is writing a business plan. It helps you put ideas down and implement them one by one. Among the things to include in your business plan include:

Identify Reliable Egg Suppliers

You need a large supply of eggs and as such, you need reliable suppliers. For convenience and affordability, it is best that you work directly with poultry farmers. It will eliminate the costs instituted by brokers.

Make sure you have several farmers who can be supplying you with eggs. In case one farmer fails you, you will have others you can rely on as you look for another egg supplier.

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Look for Market for Your Egg Wholesale Business 

The next thing you need to do is to find buyers for your eggs. Don’t start the egg wholesale business until you have at least 3 large-scale egg buyers. It is because eggs spoil when kept for long. Some of the buyers to target include boarding schools and hotels. 

Cost of starting Egg Wholesale Business

The cost of starting the egg wholesale business depends on the size of your business. You can start a small egg supply business with around 200 trays of eggs and grow your stock with time. 

Some of the requirements you need to start an egg supply business include egg trays, a room to store the eggs and a means of transport. You can start supplying eggs using a Tuk-tuk and with time, you can buy a car. You can start a small egg wholesale business with Ksh 250,000. The amount will cater for:

  • Egg stock – Ksh 50,000
  • Tuk-tuk – Ksh 200,000
  • Business license – Ksh 5,000
  • Trays and miscellaneous – Ksh 5,000

Is Egg Business Profitable in Kenya?

Since agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy, the egg supply business is a profitable venture. Eggs being a good source of proteins, they are preferred by many and their demand is usually high.

Assuming that you are buying a tray of eggs from a farmer at Ksh 250 and you sell it at Ksh 300, you will have made Ksh 50 profit. Assuming that every day you sell 50 trays of eggs, you will be making Ksh 2,500 profit daily. 

Challenges Facing the Egg Wholesale Business

You need to prepare for eventualities that may arise. As such, you need to familiarize yourself with challenges facing the egg whole business

These challenges include:

  • While in transit, some eggs may break and you need to account for them.
  • If eggs stay for too long, they spoil. As such, always sell the old stock first.
  • The egg supply keeps on fluctuating. During the cold weather, chicken do not lay may eggs and in such times, the supply may go down.

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Market Your Egg Wholesale Business

You need to market your business to inform people that you supply eggs. You can do so by visiting potential customers and though the use of business cards and pamphlets.

Print business cards which you can leave with those you visit to contact you later. Finally, offer your customers excellent customer service so that they can tell their friends about it. 

Summary of How to Start Egg Supply Business in Kenya

The egg wholesale business is a profitable venture. If you can rear your own chicken, you can make even higher profits. You can target institutions like boarding schools, hotels and hospitals where you can sell eggs in large quantities. Finally, market your business and work to maintain your existing customers.

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