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Privacy Policy

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This privacy policy is for Nexin Startups and it declares how we collect, store and use our visitors' information. It provides details about the obligations and requirements of our visitors. 

The website and its owners uphold the utmost privacy of the information we collect from our users. We do not share such data with third parties.

Use of Cookies

This website uses cookies to provide the best user experience anytime you visit. Users visiting the site for the first time will be requested to accept or deny the use of cookies on this website.

Cookies are small files collected on web browsers and saved on the hard disk of the user and save information to track how users interact with the website.

We use a software provided by Google Analytics to track usage of the website by our visitors. The software saves a cookie on your computer and tracks how you interact with the website. However, it does not collect any information from you. 

In some cases, external vendors can store cookies on your hard disk. This is when you use our referral links and adverts. In most cases, these cookies take no longer than 30 days before they expire. In rare cases, they may take longer but not permanently. All of these cookies do not collect your personal information like emails and passwords.


Visitors contacting the website administrators through our contact details do so at their discretion. We make all efforts to maintain the utmost privacy of your details. Any information you provide us with related to the website's services and products can only be used to better your experience. Such data can only be used to answer your questions you may have submitted.

Sometimes you may need to provide your email, like when purchasing a product through our adverts or when subscribing to the website's newsletter program. In such a case, we will clarify why you need to provide your email. In such scenarios, your email can only be used for email marketing and your information will be passed to third parties.

Our Social Media Platforms

The use of our social media platforms is explicitly at the discretion of the user. The terms and conditions of the use of social media platforms vary from one platform to the other.

Please refrain from providing personal details on our social media platforms. The website and its owners do not ask for personal data. For confidentiality, we encourage our visitors to communicate with us through our email provided in our contact details.

Through our share buttons on social media platforms, users can share our content at their discretion. Your details may be saved on the social media platform you are using to share our content.