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About Nexin Startups is a business consultancy firm and web portal that aims at imparting readers with business ideas, entrepreneurial skills and financial management skills. Our goal is to provide your with accurate and up to date information you can use to make informed decisions. We believe that through prudent financial management, entrepreneurial development and self employment, people can live a more dignified life.

What We Do 

Our primary focus is on SMEs and business ideas that our readers can start. We also offer:

  • Investment, business and agribusiness ideas
  • Tips on how to start a business  
  • Experience from entrepreneurs who have started businesses

We do not make decisions for our readers about the next course of action after visiting our website. All we do is to provide them with accurate information and leave it up to them to decide. With accurate information, people can make informed decisions. 

Our mission is to impart readers with financial literacy skills like saving, investing, borrowing and personal finance management. Besides, we also aim at helping you grow your business by providing you with entrepreneurial skills. 

When was Nexin Startups Started? 

We launched this web property on 15th June, 2020. Initially, the idea was to offer Kenyan content. However, our audience has grown immensely and expanded to other countries, hence the need to offer Global content. As such, we plan to keep on growing our content to attract readers from other countries.

So far, we are offering business ideas, agribusiness ideas and investment ideas. Besides, we are also offering topics related to taxation, stocks and wealth management in countries like Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. With time, we look forward to scaling up our scope and cover more content across the globe. 

Editorial Team 

We have a dedicated team of writers. So far, we have two authors, but we look forward to scaling up our team in the near future. Our writers are:

Vincent Nyoike

Vincent Nyoike is an experienced financial analyst and a business consultant with vast experience in business and finance. He is the founder of Nexin Startups, a business consultancy firm. He is a CPA and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Finance and Accounting from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He holds a Bachelors Degree in B.Sc. Applied Statistics with Computing from the University of Eldoret. He has a deep rooted financial experience working as a CPA and financial analyst. Besides work, he loves travelling, and taking nature walks.  

Countries We Have Covered 

Initially, our main focus was Africa, but we have expanded our scope to other continents over time. So far, we have covered the following countries: 


Nexin Startups' objective is to offer financial literacy and help people live a more dignified life through prudence financial management. We also provide you with investment ideas and business ideas to help you grow your wealth.