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How to Start a Shoe Business in Kenya

Selling shoes is a lucrative business in Kenya. Many people selling shoes make huge profits and you too can be one of them. Before starting a shoe business, you need to identify your target customers and find a good business location. Many shoe sellers prefer to stock more women's shoes because they move faster and they fetch higher profits. In this article, I will take you through how you can start a shoe business in Kenya.

Research the Market

Before starting the shoe business in Kenya, you need to identify which are the fastest moving shoes, where to source them and their demand in the market. In most cases, women's shoes move faster compared to those of men. As such, it is good to stock more women's shoes than those of men.

Write a Shoe Business Plan 

Once you have researched the market, you need to put down the findings in a business plan. Some of the things to include in your business plan include: 

  •  Startup costs
  • Source of capital 
  • Business location 
  • Where to buy shoes  

Identify a Good Business Location

It is best that you find a good location for your shoe business with a good display. Strive to get a location that is visible by passersby from a far distance. Make sure that the area is busy and where you can get a regular flow of customers. 

Some of the best areas to sell shoes include Githurai, Kawangware, Muthurwa and Gikomba market in Nairobi. You can also start your shoe business near an institution like a university. Target areas with a youthful population. Alternatively, you can be visiting various markets in Kenya during the market days to sell shoes. 

Obtain a Business Permit

You need to obtain business licenses and permits for your business. The nature of your business determine business licenses to obtain. If you are opening a permanent shoe store, you need to obtain a single business permit from the County Council offices. It costs around Ksh 5,000 every year.

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Cost of Starting Shoe Business in Kenya

The cost of starting a shoe business in Kenya depends on the size of the business, location and whether you are selling new or second-hand shoes. You need at least Ksh 200,000 to start selling new shoes. You can also start a second-hand shoe business for Ksh 50,000.

You need to cater for other expenses like:

  • Rent - Ksh 15,000
  • Business licenses - Ksh 5,000

Is Shoe Business Profitable in Kenya?

I spoke to some shoe sellers in the Gikomba market and they confirmed to me that they make between Ksh 30,000 and Ksh 50,000 per month. The shoe business is a profitable venture if you have a good business location and you stock beautiful and quality shoes. To make more sales and earn higher profits in the shoe business, stock more women's shoes than men's. Also, market your shoe business and offer excellent customer service.

Where to Source Second Hand Shoes in Kenya?

If you are selling second hand shoes, you can be buying shoes in wholesaler and at lower prices from Gikomba market, Githurai, Ngara and Kamukunji. You can get all types of second hand shoes in these markets at affordable prices.

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Summary of How to Start a Shoe Selling Business in Kenya

The shoe business in Kenya is a profitable venture. You can sell a wide variety of shoes both for men and women depending on the demand and market needs. The shoe business is best suited for areas with a large population and with a youthful population. There is a large market for shoes and you can make good money in it.

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