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How to Start a Pool Table Business in Kenya

The pool table business in Kenya is a lucrative venture. It is one of the businesses with low competition. It is a business you can start with around Ksh 40,000. It is best suited in a location with a youthful population. You also need a special permit to operate the business. This is how you can start a pool table business in Kenya.

Identify a Suitable Location

To start a profitable pool table business, you need to find a suitable business location. It is best suited in areas with a youthful population. However, make sure that your customers are over 18 years old as per the requirements of Betting Control and Licensing.

For instance, you can start one near a college or a university. Other places to start one is in a restaurant or a bar.

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Acquire Pool Table Business License 

The pool table business is under the Betting Control and Licensing. You need a special permit to run the pool table business. To apply for the pool table license in Kenya, you need to pay an application fee of Ksh 250 per machine, and a license fee of Ksh 5,000 per machine. The license is valid for only one year after which you are required to renew.

Cost of Starting Pool Table Business in Kenya

To start a pool table business in Kenya, you need at least Ksh 30,000. The cost of a pool table ranges between Ksh 20,000 and Ksh, 80,000 depending on quality and material. You can get a second-hand machine in good condition for Ksh 30,000.

The following is the startup capital breakdown for a pool table business.

  • Pool table machine – Ksh 40,000 (second-hand)
  • Pool table license – Ksh 5,000
  • Application fee – Ksh 250
  • Rent – Ksh 10,000
  • Pool table attendant – Ksh 300 per day

Is Pool Table Business Profitable in Kenya?

The pool table is a profitable business if you have a regular flow of customers. You can make around Ksh 1,000 per day.

It is an easy business to run since you don’t need to be present. You just need to set the pool table machine and when customers come to play, they can deposit coins to open the pool table. You need to set the amount your customers need to pay to play. Ensure that your coin machine is working properly. Otherwise you could be losing a lot of money

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Summary of Pool Table Business in Kenya

The pool table is possibly one of the easiest businesses to run. You don’t need to be there or to employ an attendant. You just need to set the pool table so that customers can deposit coins for the pool table to open. Make sure that your business is licensed to avoid conflict with officials.

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