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How to Start a Tent Rental Business in Kenya

Starting an event rental business in Kenya is a lucrative business idea with little competition. The tent and chair leasing business involves leasing tents and chairs to people with events. You can complement the business by offering services such as photography, videography, sound systems, and event management services.

Events bring people together to socialize, reconnect, and create lasting relationships. They include weddings, birthdays, fundraising, engagements, graduations, family meetings, retirement parties, funerals, etc. The tent and chair leasing business is increasingly in demand in Kenya with the many events. 

This is what you need to know to start a tent and chair leasing business in Kenya.

Know Your Target Market

For success in business, you need to do market research and know your target market. A tent and chair rental business does well in highly populated areas. Find out what your competitors are offering and how they are doing it. It will help you identify the gaps in the market, and how best you can address them. It will also help you buy the right equipment and set fair prices to stand out in the competition. 

Decide on the Services to Offer

With the tents and chair rental business, you have a wide range of services to offer. Among the services you can provide include:

1. Delivery and Set-Up Services. Your can opt to lease tents and chairs only. You can include delivery and set-up services. If you do, you will also be responsible for taking down the tents and chairs to supervise and prevent breakages and losses.

Alternatively, a client can decide to cut down on expenses and handle the pick-up, drop off, and do the set-up himself. In such cases, it is good to be clear on fines in case of broken or lost item. It makes clients to be careful when handling your equipment.

2. Linen. If you want to maximize profits in this business, you can offer linen tablecloths, napkins, chair pads, chair coverings, and table runners. Using party linens gives your set-up a classic look. However, you will need to invest in laundry services, which are worth the profits you will make.

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Write a Tent Rental Business Plan

A business plan helps you outline and execute your goals. Tent and leasing business plan will outline what your business is about, who your target customers are, your budget, and the capital you will need. Additionally, it outlines how you can capital and the services you intend to offer to your clients. Business plans are essential since financial institutions go through them before they can give financial assistance.

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Purchase Tents and Chairs to Rent Out

You will need to purchase tents and chairs for your business. Tents are sold based on their capacity and design. Capacity is based the number of people who can fit comfortably in the tent, while the design has to do with how the tents look.

Examples of tent designs include high peak, marquee, pyramid, dome, and flat roof. The increasing competition in the tent manufacturing business has led to an increase in the variety of designs. Tents are available in different colors, and you'll need to choose your color of preference. Tent prices vary depending on the capacity, design, and quality of material used to make them. A tent accommodating 100 people costs an average of Ksh 100, 000.

The two types of commonly used plastic chairs include Chairs With Arms and Chairs Without Arms. Initially, people used plastic chairs with arms, but they were not business-friendly as they were found bulky, and they took up lots of space. Currently, business people prefer armless plastic chairs to chairs with arms. The main manufacturers are Adix, Complast, and Kenpoly. The average price of a single plastic chair is Ksh 600, while the highest price is Ksh 800.

Chiavari chairs are fast gaining popularity due to their style and elegance. They can be made from wood, fiber, and metal. They have fancy cushions making them quite comfortable. A single Chiavari chair costs between Ksh 2,500 and Ksh 4,500.

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Cost of Starting Chairs and Leasing Business in Kenya 

The main disadvantage of tents and chairs leasing business is that it requires large start up capital. the following is a list of startup items and their prices in Kenya. The startup cost is at least Ksh 500,000. 

Item Price (Ksh)
Two-100 seater tents 200,000
Two 50 setaer tents100,000
250 plastic chairs150,000
Others 100,000

Acquire the Necessary Licenses and Business Insurance

Business licenses and permits are essential for running a legal business in Kenya. Business insurance is equally important since it protects you and your business in case of an accident. You will need to find an experienced insurance expert to know about insurance policies.

Benefits of the Tents and Chair Leasing Business

The following are benefits of the tent and chair leasing business in Kenya.

  • The tents and chair rental business is easy to manage.
  • Running tents and chair leasing business introduces you to people from different backgrounds, and in the process, you create and expand your business network.
  • Business owners are certain that they will always get new customers. Excellent customer service is a perfect marketing strategy as those you serve well will spread the word around about your business.
  • The business has the potential to expand. With the large profit margins, you can use your profits to grow your tent and chairs leasing business to provide additional services.

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Is Tent and Chair Leasing Business Profitable in Kenya? 

Yes. The tent and chair leasing business is lucrative with good profit margins. You can easily make Ksh 70,000 on a bad business month. If you provide other services like photography and leasing public address system, you can make up to Ksh 150,000 in a month. 

Summary of How to Start a Tent Rental Business in Kenya

The tent and chair leasing business can be highly lucrative if you have excellent management skills and employ a good marketing strategy. Excellent customer service will also help you retain customers and attract new ones.

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