How to Start a Diaper Business in Kenya

Unlike in the past, when people used diapers for babies, nowadays, people are using disposable diapers for babies. This has made a diaper business a profitable venture to start in Kenya. Also, the increase in the birth rate in Kenya has created a wider market for the diaper business. If you have a retail shop, you can also stock diapers.

If you don't have one, you can start a shop specializing in diapers. You need to stock different diaper sizes to make it in this business. 

Identify your Target Customers

Before starting a diaper business, you need to identify who your target customers are. You can decide whether to sell diapers in retail or wholesale. If you decide to start a retail diaper shop, you can target households within your neighborhood.

Set up your diaper business near households with children or near a daycare center. If you wish to start a wholesale diaper business, you need to target businesses like retail shops and supermarkets.

Find Reliable Suppliers

When starting a diaper business, you need to carefully select your suppliers keenly. Look for reliable and cheap suppliers so that you can make sales that can generate good profits. With reliable diaper suppliers, you can get better discounts. If you are in Nairobi, you can find diaper suppliers in the OTC area. You can get diapers for as low as Ksh 1500 per carton.

Select Fast Moving Diaper Brands

When selecting diapers brands to stock in your business, you need to go for high-quality, low-priced, and fast-moving diapers. Some customers will go for a particular brand, while others will go for any brand as long as it is cheap. Some of the diaper brands you need to stock in your diaper business include:

  • Huggies
  • Molfix
  • Kisskids
  • Kiddy Care
  • Soft Care
  • Happy Kid
  • Marvel Baby Diapers
  • Pampers
  • Bouncy Baby Diapers

Cost of Starting a Diaper Business in Kenya

The cost of starting a diaper business in Kenya varies with the size of the business you want to start. If you want to start a retail diaper shop, you can start with Ksh 15,000. You can spend Ksh 6,000 on diapers for your retail business.

If you have limited startup capital, the best idea is to start a retail diaper shop and then expand the business over time. Make sure to stock varying diaper sizes and different diaper brands to attract more customers.

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Is Diaper Business Profitable in Kenya?

Yes. You can make about 40% profit of the total sales from selling diapers. You can buy a carton of diapers for as low as Ksh 1,500 and sell it for Ksh 3,000. Diaper business is one of the businesses you can start with small capital and expand with time. For instance, you can start a retail diaper business and then with time expand it to a wholesale diaper business.

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Market Your Diaper Business

Once you have established your business, the next thing is to market it to attract customers. There are many excellent marketing strategies you can use to promote your diaper business like:

  • Use of business cards and banners
  • Create a Facebook page and invite people to like
  • Create a WhatsApp group
  • Customer referrals from your friends
  • Word of mouth


It is easy to start a diaper business in Kenya. Babies are born every day, and there is a high demand for diapers. With a good business location, proper pricing, reliable suppliers, and marketing, you can make profits in the diaper business. Also, make sure to stock different diaper sizes. 

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