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How to Start a Computer Training Business in Kenya

Starting a computer training college is an excellent idea. Computer skills are a necessity for workers, university and college students. This creates an opportunity you can exploit. You can target form four leavers to enroll in your computer training college. High school graduates enroll for such short courses after completing secondary education. The demand for computer courses is high as many companies are moving to the digital world. 

This is how you can start a computer training college in Kenya.

Carry out a Market Research

To start a computer training college, you need to carry out a feasibility study. It will help you understand the business and the market before venturing in the business. When carrying out a feasibility study, you need to identify a good business location and the demand in the market. This way, you will be in a position to open a computer training college in an area where you can get students. 

Write a Computer Training Business Plan

A business plan is an important road map for any business to maneuver in a competitive industry. To start a profitable business, start by writing a business plan.

A business plan should highlight startup costs, target population, sources of business capital, and business strengths and risks in the market. If you have researched the market, it is easy to write a business plan.  

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Find a Good Business Location

For a computer training college, the business location is a critical factor to consider. It is advisable to set up your computer training business in a town with or near a residential area. You can also start one next to a tertiary institution like a college. It should be easily accessible and free from noise. 

If you are targeting high school graduates, then it is best to locate your business in a town. You will realize that high school graduates are excited after finishing secondary education and want to explore urban areas. As such, starting a computer training college in the village or in rural areas may not work. Look for areas with a large influx of people in a town or a market center.

Acquire the Necessary Business Permits and Licenses

First, since you are operating a school, you will need to get authorization from the Ministry of Higher Education to run a computer college. Secondly, you will need to acquire business licenses and permits to operate a legal business.

You also need a single business permit. Its cost varies from one county to the other. On average, it costs Ksh 7,000 per year. You can obtain the permit from the County Government offices, or County Council offices. 

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Cost of Starting a Computer Training College in Kenya 

The cost of starting a computer college depends on the services you are offering. You can offer computer training services and additional services like typesetting, printing, scanning, photocopying and internet services.

The following is the capital breakdown for a computer training center.

  • Four computers – Ksh 60,000
  • Printer and scanner – Ksh 30,000
  • Modem – Ksh 5,000
  • Network cables – Ksh 2,000
  • Partitioning – Ksh 10,000
  • Plastic chairs – Ksh 2,000
  • Uninterrupted Power supply – Ksh 5,000
  • Business permit – Ksh 8,000
  • Electricity – Ksh 1,000

Challenges You can Expect in the Computer Training Business

The major challenge you can expect to face is the drop in the number of students around April. Many computer training centers usually target form four leavers since computer packages is a short course. It takes around two months to complete. After April, many students usually have completed the course and start to join colleges and universities. 

The other challenge you are likely to face is finding a suitable business location. Students shy away from enrolling in computer centers located in the suburbs. Therefore, start your business in a town center. 

The other challenge you may face is competition from community-based computer training centers. There are many community based computer centers offering free computer packages. You need to set favorable prices to compete favorably with such centers. 

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Is Computer Training Business Profitable in Kenya?

Yes. With a good business location and a high influx of students, a computer training center is a profitable business. You can make over Ksh 25,000 profit per month. Make sure to set up your computer center in a town or a market center where there is high on foot traffic. Also, make sure that it is visible by passersby.

Summary of How to Start a Computer Training Business in Kenya

A computer training business is a profitable venture to start in Kenya. With many people working from home, there is need for computer literacy. You can target high school graduates to enroll to your computer school. 

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