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How to Start a Welding Business in Kenya

The demand for metal fabrication products is increasingly on-demand with the increase in construction activities in Kenya. Starting a welding business in Kenya is a profitable venture if you get a good business location. You can start a mobile welding business or open a welding stall. A mobile welding business has fewer overheads since you do not need to pay store rent. In this article, we will show you how to start a welding business in Kenya. 

Write a Welding Business Plan 

The success of any business depends on how well it is planned. Therefore you need an excellent welding business plan. It should contain:

  • Business name
  • Target customers
  • Startup costs,
  • Cash flow projections
  • Market analysis
  • Sources of startup costs 

Get Welding Machine and Equipment

You need to get high-quality welding machines and equipment. If possible, buy new metal fabrication appliances to avoid high maintenance costs for repairs. Getting new appliances is advantageous because when they break down, you can take advantage of the warranty period and get them repaired for free.

You also need to buy welding machines that are fit for your business. For a medium welding business in Kenya, these are the necessary appliances that you need.

  • Gas welding machine. You need a gas welding machine if your business involves cutting through heavy metals.
  • Arc welding equipment. It is used for welding metals and repairs. It can be used to weld a wide range of materials.
  • Mig welding equipment. This is the most commonly used for arc welding processes. You can use the equipment for small and large metal fabrication works. It can be used on materials with varying thicknesses.
  • Tig welding equipment. It is a faster welding equipment used for higher quality welding works. It is excellent since it gives you control over your welding work.

Get a Welding Business Location

Welding business thrives well near a roads. Make sure that your business is visible by people using the road. It will ensure that you are easily accessible and also customers will know the existence of your welding business. Make sure to display your welding work for customers to see. If customers like your work, they will come asking for your services.

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Get Cheap but Quality Metal

Customers want quality products while on the other hand, as a welder; you need to maximize your profits. As such, you need to get suppliers with lower prices. The metals you will use depend on the profit you are making.

You can start by making windows, doors, gates, metallic tanks, metallic beds and jikos. Some of the metals that are used in welding include steel, copper and aluminium. Get a reputable company to supply you with the metals.

Get Skilled Staff

You need highly skilled staff for your welding business. You can opt to work as a welding technician, or you can hire a skilled person. Getting a person with the right skills will make customers like your work and refer more customers to your business. Most vocational training centers in Kenya train on welding. The course runs for only a few months.

Keep Up with the Trending Designs

You need to stay updated about emerging welding designs and adapt to them fast. Make your products using the latest design. You need to be good at arts and ensure that your business is among the first to make products using new and emerging designs.

Cost to Start a Welding Business in Kenya 

You need around Ksh 100,000 to start a small welding business in Kenya. The money will go into buying welding equipment, acquiring business licenses and permits and also buying metal. You can expand the business with an increase in the number of your customers. 

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Marketing Metal Fabrication Business 

To market your metal fabrication business, you need to be active on social media. Join construction groups on platforms like Facebook.

From time to time, post your metal fabrication work, business location and contact details. If people like your work, they will call you to make orders. You can also market your business using banners and posters.


Come up with excellent pricing criteria. A reasonable price should be fair to the customer and enough to earn you're a profit and run your business. Find out how much other fabricators within your location are charging for different items. Also, you should balance between profits and market fair prices.

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Is Welding a Profitable Business in Kenya?

Yes. With a good business location, excellent marketing strategies, you can run a profitable welding business. There is a high demand for metal fabrication products since many people are building homes. Visiting construction sites will help you to get more orders from clients.

Summary of How to Start a Welding and Fabrication Business in Kenya

Having the right skills and the latest fabrication designs is important for a successful welding business in Kenya. You can learn the skills from vocational institutions. To tap more customers, you can consider starting a mobile welding business. Finally, make sure to market your business and provide satisfactory work to your customers. 

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