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How to Start a Carwash Business in Kenya

Starting a car wash business in Kenya is a profitable venture. Car wash services in Kenya are increasingly in demand. Many people are venturing into the car wash business for livelihood. Vehicles have become affordable and many people are buying them. This has created an opportunity for car cleaning businesses.

If you are planning to start a car wash business, this is how to go about it. The first thing you need is to write a business plan. A car wash business plan should have a business name, startup costs, cash flow projections and market research. 

Conduct a Market Research

Thoroughly research the market before venturing into a car wash business. First, you need to plan the finances, study your target customers, identify a location, talk to people already in the business and learn from them. The determine how you can attract and keep your customers.

Get a Car Wash Business Name  

Choose a catchy and unique business name for your car wash. It is easy for customers to identify a business by its name. Besides, it is easy for customers to recommend your car wash to their friends by its name. 

Get the Necessary Licenses and Permits

Business licenses and permits are necessary for running a legal business. Entrepreneurs wishing to start a car wash business will need a single business permit issued by the county government.

The costs for business permits varies from one county to another. For example, it is expensive to obtain a business permit Mombasa and Nairobi than in smaller towns like Muranga. You need a clearance from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) if you intend to start a big car wash.

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Find a Strategic Business Location

Any successful business should be easily accessible by its customers. To start a profitable car wash, it is best to set it up in a busy area. You can start it in a shopping center or places with public facilities.

Setting up a car wash near car stops and public places such as eateries and mechanic shops is a great idea. The location you choose should also have a steady supply of water. After acquiring a good location, make the place comfortable for your customers. This can include fencing and leveling up the area.

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Requirements for a Car Wash Business in Kenya

You also need to acquire the necessary equipment to start working. The equipment to purchase will depend on the services you will offer in your car wash. The common services provided in a car wash include upholstery, body washing, engine wash, under wash, dusting, carpet cleaning, interior cleaning, buffing, and waxing. You will need car wash detergents for cleaning. To start a car wash business, you need the following equipment. 

1. Car Wash Machine. You can decide to buy a new or second-hand washing machine  depending on your budget. It is essential to purchase a durable machine to prevent losses brought about by frequent repairs due to break downs. Electric pressure washers have a different amount of Pressure per Sound Inch (PSI). You may also need to purchase petrol or diesel-powered pressure washing machines to combat frequent power shortages.

2. Vacuum Cleaners. There is a difference between car wash vacuum cleaners and household vacuum cleaners. Purchase commercial vacuum cleaners from specialized dealers. Select a durable vacuum cleaner that can serve many customers in a day without breaking down.

3. Water Tank. Water tanks are essential in any car wash business. You can purchase a water tank with a capacity ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 liters. Ensure that your tanks are filled with water at all times.

4. Car Washing Detergent. There are specialized detergents for washing vehicles. Some are strongly perfumed and others mild. Purchase a variety of these detergents but be sure to ask your customers which ones they prefer for their cars.

5. Brushes, Squeezers, Towels, and Buckets. Brushes, squeezers, towels, and buckets all come in different sizes. You can choose any size and quantity depending on your budget and the number of customers you intend to serve.

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Market Your Car Wash Business

Having an excellent marketing strategy for your business is one vital step to success. After setting up your business, you don't sit to wait for customers. You can do this by distributing brochures, setting up posters in public places, and even by word of mouth.

Another simple way to get customers is by offering quality services, giving discounts to customers, and offering free services once in a while. This is a sure way to getting many customer referrals. Go for what is convenient for you.

How Much to Start a Car Wash Business in Kenya?

Car wash startup costs depend on the size of the business and the car washing equipment you want to buy. Starting a medium car wash business will cost you between Ksh 250,000 and Ksh 500,000.  

Is Car Wash Business Profitable in Kenya?

A car wash business is profitable if you have a good business location. The normal price of washing a car is usually Ksh 200 and buses and lorries, charges are Ksh 500. Therefore, you can make up to Ksh 5,000 in a day from a car wash if you have many customers. 

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Summary of How to start a Car Wash Business

Like any other business, a car wash business needs skills and experience. You need to offer your customers quality services so that they can keep coming back. Also, employ trustworthy people. Customers need to trust you with their cars without having to worry about losing items they leave in the car.

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