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Best Freelance Websites for Writers

With the best freelance website for writers, you are sure of a constant workflow and income. Sites for freelancers are marketplaces, where writers and clients interact. In the past decade, employment through the internet has been on a steady increase. A client can employ a freelancer while in his house and the two can communicate in real-time. The freelancer will submit the work while in his house. The employer will then make payment to the writer.

Websites for Freelance Work

The following are some of the best freelance websites for writers?

1. Upwork

Upwork was formed after a merger between oDesk and Elance. It is the world's largest and best freelance website offering almost all types of freelance jobs. Employers post a wider variety of jobs and writers send proposals to get selected to complete the work. One needs to write a catchy bid proposal that will outdo those of the other writers. Once selected, the client will send you an offer. Accepting the offer means you agree with the terms and conditions.

Once you are through with the work, you will submit it to him through Upwork, requesting him to make payment. If he is satisfied with the content, he will release the payment. He will also give feedback about how you did the work on your profile. Other Upwork users can see the feedback. You will also submit feedback on his profile.

If you are a newbie, you will need to send many proposals. You need to be patient and charge less than other writers who have worked with clients in the past. You can bid on both hourly and fixed budget projects. To excel on Upwork, you need to meet clients' deadlines and be online frequently to respond to clients. Upwork charge writers 20% of their earnings as commission. You can work as a freelancer or as an agent on Upwork.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another excellent freelancing website where freelancers and employers can interact. You can post or bid in a wide range of jobs. However, content writings are the major jobs available on Fiverr. Unlike other platforms, one needs to search through gigs to get the best freelancer. However, it can take a lot of time for you to go through the gigs to locate a freelancer.

Apart from a wide variety of jobs, jobs are available in multiple languages. You can check the rating of every freelancer to know their working experience with other employers. The good thing is that you can filter your results to find the most qualified writer for your project. 

3. iWriter

iWriter is the best freelance website for employers with small budgets. It is among the best freelance websites for beginners. You can get your work done for as low as $2. However, some clients end up complaining about the quality of the work offered. To get better pay on iWriter, you need to submit several high-quality content to gain the elite status. Many writers on the platform will offer services for low prices to get the elite status and then raise their fees. You only pay for the work that meets your expectations.

4. is also in the list of the best freelancing websites for writers. Through, you can get one time and long term projects. If you are a newbie, you can send eight applications free of charge. Once you exhaust the free applications, you have to sign up for a membership at a fee. The platform charges a commission fee of 3 to 5%.

5. ProBlogger

ProBlogger helps clients get writers who can deliver high-quality work. A majority of jobs on the site are content writing. The downside of the site is that you have to pay to post a job, unlike other platforms. The good thing about it is that once you pay, the site will help you get the best content writers. So, if you are not a tight budget and you are looking for high-quality work, this is the best site to get a writer.

6. Constant Content

Constant Content is a platform where only the best freelance writers can thrive. It is the best freelancing website for clients looking for almost perfect work. The site has stringent standards and application process. For instance, the site edits any work to ensure that the requirements of the client are met. To enjoy the service, you will have to pay more compared to other services. The service is critical when a client doesn't have much time to request revisions. Besides, you can also buy pre-written content to save on time. The content is of high quality since it is written by experienced writers.


After identifying the best freelance website for writers, the next thing you need to do is to determine which of the websites meets your needs. You need to have the necessary freelance skills before you can start writing. Sign up with your details and start generating income from freelance writing as a freelancer.

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