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Most Profitable Business in Kenya to Start with 100k

There are many businesses you can start with 100k in Kenya. When starting a business, it is good to consider the risks associated, startup capital, and its viability. It is important that you first research the market and then write a business plan. You also need to secure necessary business licenses and permits before starting operations. In this article, I will focus on profitable businesses to start with 100k in Kenya.

Profitable Business to Start with 100k in Kenya

The following are some business ideas in Kenya with 100k.   

1. Boda Boda Business

Boda boda business is a good business to start with 100k in Kenya. You can buy a new motorbike for around Ksh 80,000. However, the market is flooded and with the increase in the cost of fuel, you need to find ways to make it in the business. Some of the ways to beat the competition is by offering excellent customer service and creating relationships with your clients.

2. Car Wash

With the high number of cars on Kenyan roads, the car wash business is a good business to start with 100k. You need to identify a busy location with significant traffic. You also need a reliable water supply and then buy a car washing machine. It will cost you around Ksh 40,000. To wash a saloon car, the average cost is Ksh 200. If you get to wash around 10 cars in a day, you will have made Ksh 2,000.

3. Butchery Business

A butchery business is also a good business to start with 100k in Kenya. You need to find a reliable meat supply and find a busy location with high foot traffic. You then need to get butchery equipment like a weighing scale, refrigerator, knives, and meat display counters. With a steady flow of customers, you can make over Ksh 3,000 from a butchery business.

4. Photography Business

Photography is also a good business to start with 100k in Kenya. You can start by buying the most necessary equipment like a camera and lenses. You can get a good camera for Ksh 50,000. You can then expand your business as the demand for other services grows and as your customers increase. You can choose to focus on either outdoor photography or indoor photography or both.

5. Kinyozi and Salon Business

You can also start a salon and barbershop business with 100k in Kenya. You can run these two businesses concurrently from one location. You only need to buy the necessary equipment and then hire qualified staff. The demand for salon and kinyozi services is high in Kenya. Ensure you know different hairstyles and then offer quality services. If customers like your services, they will keep on coming back and will recommend your business to their friends.

6. Milk Bar

The demand for milk is high in Kenya and starting a milk bar is a good business idea. You can start a milk bar business with 100k. You need to identify a reliable source of milk and then buy a milk bar/ ATM. You need to secure a health certificate to operate and run a milk bar business. To make it in this business, ensure that your business's premises are always clean, and then the milk your sell is free from contamination.

7. Daycare Business

If you are passionate about kids and you don’t have other errands to run, you can start a daycare business with 100k. Many mothers have challenges where to leave their children as they go to work. To start a daycare, you need around Ksh 50,000. You can opt to be preparing food for the kids or you can request their parents to avail food for them. If you will be providing them with food, then you can charge an extra cost.

8. Mitumba Business

You can also start selling second-hand clothes with 100k in Kenya. Many people prefer to wear mitumba clothes since they are cheap and they are long lasting. You can be buying mitumba bales from places like Gikomba, Muthurwa, Eastleigh, and Kongowea. You then need to identify a good place where you can set up your mitumba business. Go for trending clothes and stock more female and children's clothes.

9. Mali Mali Business

Mali mali business is also a trending business in Kenya you can start with 100k. You can sell item like shoes, plastic and metallic utensils, electronics like batteries and earphones, clothes like handkerchiefs, and beauty products like earrings and necklaces. You can source most mali mali items from places like Kamukunji, Nyayo Market, and River Road. The demand for mali mali products is high, making it a good business to start in Kenya with 100k.

10. Beauty Shop

You can also start a beauty shop with 100k in Kenya. You just need to identify fast-moving beauty products and then stock them. You also need to find a busy location like in a town or near an institution like a university or a college. You can stock items like make-up products like nail polish, eyeliner, and mascara, hair products like hair extensions, braids, hair relaxers and shampoo, skin products, and toiletries.

Summary of the Best Business to Start with 100k in Kenya

The above are some small business ideas you can invest in with 100k in Kenya. Before starting a business, research the market. Get to understand the viability of the business idea, demand for its products, and risks and challenges facing the business. This will help prepare for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

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