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How to Start Smokie and Eggs Business in Kenya 

The eggs, sausages, and smokies business is a small-scale business that is gaining popularity in the country. With the high rates of unemployment in Kenya, people are turning to self-employment and enjoying its flexibility. If you want to be your own boss and start making good profits, this article will take you through how to start an eggs, sausages and smokies vending business in Kenya. 

Research the Market

Many small-scale entrepreneurs skip doing market research before starting a business, not knowing that it is important for its success. Market research will help you understand your customers.

In the case of eggs, sausages and smokies business, you will know when to expect more customers, the number of customers that love smokies or sausages or eggs. You will also know the amount of kachumbari you need to prepare. It is also important to find out how other people already in the business work. Market research will basically help you identify a gap in the market, and with that, you will find a solution.

Business Plan

A business plan is essential to focus on both short and long term goals. Your business plan should outline how much capital you need and how you intend to raise it, who your target customers are and how you intend to reach them. If you are going to source your supplies from wholesale suppliers, you will need to list these suppliers and how you will reach them in your business plan.

Smokie and Eggs Business Startup Capital

Any business requires capital to start running. The following are the requirements and costs of starting eggs, sausages and smokies vending business. You need smokies grilling equipment that costs around Ksh 7,000 and a supply of smokies from Farmer's Choice shop or supermarket. A packet of smokie containing 22 pieces goes for Ksh 330.

You will also need eggs, and you can get supplies from any shop or directly from poultry farmers for Ksh 300 or Ksh 280 per tray. Instead of buying eggs, sausages and smokies from random sellers, it is best you find a reliable and convenient supplier. You will also need tomatoes, onions, dhania, chilli sauce, and tomato sauce which will all cost around Ksh 200.

Apart from the trolley/ smokie vending cart, you will need tins for preparing and storing kachumbari, tongs, spoons, a knife, etc. With a tight budget, you can pick some of the equipment from your house.

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Identify a Business Location

Choosing a strategic location for your business will determine your success or failure. It is best to locate your business in an accessible location. The best locations for an eggs, sausages, and smokies vending business is around learning institutions, market places, near bus stops, around bars and pubs, around places hosting social events, or in public parks.

Smokies and Sausages Profit Margins

You may be wondering, is eggs, sausages and smokies vending business profitable? Many people tend to think that this business is labour intensive with little profit, but it is not the case. The truth is, the business has a huge profit margin. If you buy a packet of smokies at Ksh 330, with 22 pieces, and sell each piece at Ksh 25, you will have made Ksh 550. This is a profit of Ksh 220 per packet.

A tray of eggs, with 30 eggs costs Ksh 300. If you sell each egg at Ksh 20, you will make Ksh 600, a profit of Ksh 300. This clearly shows that the business is quite profitable. By just selling a single tray of eggs and a packet smokies in a day, you will have made a profit of over Ksh 500. The more you sell, the higher the profits. 

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Summary of How to Start Smokie and Eggs Business in Kenya

The eggs, sausages, and smokies vending business is highly lucrative, but it is important to know that you will need a lot of patience and determination to succeed. Exceptional customer service will help you retain your customers and attract new ones.

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