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Business Ideas for High School Graduates in Kenya

There is always anxiety that comes with completing high school education for most Kenyan teenagers. There is the fear of the unknown between when one completes high and the waiting time to join college or university. Having something to do to keep yourself busy and earn an income is an excellent idea. We will provide you with practical business ideas after high school.

1. Selling Old Textbooks

Selling old textbooks is a lucrative business idea. As opposed to keeping your old books, you can sell them and make an income if you do not have younger siblings to use them.

Most parents prefer buying old textbooks since they are cheaper and have the same content as the new ones. You can talk to your former classmates to collect old books and sell them in groups. Alternatively, you can exchange old textbooks for different school grades at a fee.

2. Baby Sitting

Babysitting can be an exciting business idea if you love looking after children. With many parents working during the day, they need someone they can leave their children with.

You can liaise with nursing parents within your neighborhood so that you have several babies to baby sit. You need to know how to feed, change diapers and take care of kids. Within a few days, you will have several kids you can look after.

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3. Peer Tutor in your Former High School

Most high schools employ students that excelled academically to teach during prep time. The primary goal of peer tutoring is to promote confidence and academic excellence among students.

Therefore, if you graduated with excellent grades, you can request your former school administration to consider employing you as a peer teacher. At the start it may look challenging, but as you get used to it, it becomes interesting and easy to coach your peers.

4. Garbage Collection

To start a garbage collection business, it is best you organize yourselves in groups of 5 to 10. Then start cleaning and collecting litter within your neighborhood. People will like your work and most will reward you for it.

You can talk to the members of your community and tell them you are offering garbage collection services. Leave your contacts with them so that they can call you to collect garbage from their homes. It is best to charge a reasonable fee to tap on all members of the community.

5. Computer Tutor

Computer lessons are taught in most high schools. Also, there are community organized computer literacy classes that focus on the elderly people. The classes are meant for those that completed education and are willing to learn how to operate computers.

If there are community-based computer literacy classes in your neighborhood, you can grab the opportunity and teach computer packages. It will keep you busy while you will also be getting an income at the end of the month. Ultimately, you will be taking part in community development.

6. Selling Clean water

With many Kenyan communities not connected to piped water, you can help address their problem by fetching water from rivers and wells and distributing it to them. It is a business idea that works both in rural and urban areas.

With time, you should be in a position to get several clients. The startup capital is low since you only need around 5 jerry cans and a cart. Target areas that are not connected to piped water. Vending clean water is one business idea you cannot miss customers.

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7. Growing Vegetables

You can start a vegetable garden and make a profit from it. Find out what vegetables are scarce in your neighborhood and then plant them. You do not need to have a vast piece of land.

Instead, you can plant vegetables in containers. Harvest and sell them to your neighbors. With time, you will start getting more customers. As your customer base grows, you can expand to plant other vegetables and in large quantities.

8. Music Lessons

Are you good at singing or dancing? You can earn an income from your talent or hobby by training others. Many organizations are looking for people with hobbies and skills in dancing and singing.

For instance, most churches hire choir leaders to train their choir. You can volunteer in some organizations as a music trainer and when people like it, you will make a name out of it. When people know you are good at music, they will be reward you for it.

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9. Freelance Writing

You can make use of high school knowledge and write articles on areas of your interest. You can start your own blog or sign up for a freelance account on freelance platforms. Through freelance writing, you will be paid for every piece of your work.

You can monetize your blog using Google AdSense or through affiliate marketing. Look for what works best for you.

Summary of Business Ideas for High School Graduates in Kenya

Finding something to do after your high school education is an excellent idea. It keeps you busy and gives you an orientation of work experience. It will also help you raise finances to support you during your college or university education. Therefore, consider any of the above business ideas after completing your high school education.

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