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How to Start a Massage Business in Kenya

The demand for massage services is high as many people are looking for a way to relax and get rid of anxiety. Many other people seek massage services after working all day. For other people, massage services are recommended by doctors, especially those with back pains and other bone-related pains.

Luckily, there are few massage businesses while the demand for the services is high. This makes the massage therapy business a profitable venture. This is how you can start a massage business in Kenya.

Write a Business Plan

It is good  you have a business plan before starting any business. A business plan makes it easy for you to prepare adequately before launching your business. With a business plan, it becomes easy to start and navigate through with the business. A good business plan should list the following items:

  • Business location
  • Startup capital
  • Source of startup capital
  • Market segmentation
  • Future cashflow projections
  • Services to offer
  • Competition

Identify a Good Business Location

You need a suitable business location to ensure that your business is profitable. A massage therapy business is best suited for areas with high population like towns. You can set up your massage business near a hospital or a hotel. Make sure it is visible from far and it is easily accessible. 

Register Your Massage Business and Acquire Licenses

You need to operate a licensed massage therapy business to avoid conflict with officials. First, you need to register your business name. You can do so on the eCitizen portal for roughly Ksh 1,000.

Single business permit. You can obtain one from County Council offices. An official will be sent to your business premises to inspect. Once they have inspected and certified that you meet all the requirements, you will be issued with a single business permit. It will cost you around Ksh 5,000 annually.

Acquire Massage Skills

You need to get the necessary massage skills. You can get short course training from a TVET institution. It is best that you get full course training so that you can do all types of massages. Some of the types of massages you need to learn so that you can offer in your business include:

  • Hot stone massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sports massage

Cost of Starting a Massage Business in Kenya

The cost of starting a massage business depends on the size of the business and its location. Generally, to start a medium size massage therapy business, you need at least Ksh 100,000. The startup capital will go into buying equipment and putting things in order. 

Requirements for Starting a Massage Business in Kenya

You need to have the following items so that you can operate a massage therapy business in Kenya.

  • Massage oil 1 liter – Ksh 1,200
  • 5 Towels – Ksh 500 each
  • Massage bed – Ksh 3,000
  • Business licenses – Ksh 15,000
  • Rent – Ksh 20,000
  • Employees – Ksh 20,000

Is a Massage Business Profitable in Kenya?

The massage business is a profitable venture in Kenya. There is a high demand for massage services while there are very few businesses offering the service. You can increase your business's profitability through marketing.

Also, identifying a good business location will also help you get more customers. Ultimately, offering excellent services will help to attract and retain customers in your business. 

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Summary of How to Set Up a Massage Business

A massage therapy business is a profitable business in Kenya in that there is high demand while the competition is low. Starting the venture in a busy area or near an institution like a hospital will give your business a competitive advantage. That's how to start a massage therapy business in Kenya. 

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