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Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers 2023 Australia

Are you are an expectant mother in Australia? There are many free stuff for expecting mothers in Australia. Many brands are offering free baby samples Australia in different categories to new and expectant mothers. Most of these brands requires you to register by filling in an online form and submitting your details.

In this article, you are going to learn about free baby stuff for expecting mothers in Australia and how you can get them.

Where to Get Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers 

The following are some brands offering free baby stuff to new and expecting mothers in Australia. 

Free Sample Nappies Australia

1. Huggies. To get Huggies free sample Australia. But, you need to first join the Huggies Club Australia. It is free. Once you have joined, they will send you nappy samples. Their samples keep on changing from time to time. 

2. Violeta. Violeta is offering Double Care nappies to  expecting mothers in Australia in different sizes. They are also offering Violeta baby shower gift hampers to newborn babies.

3. BabyLove. BabyLove is offering expecting mothers in Australia free nappies in different categories like Nappy Pants, and SleepyNights. You just need to visit their website and choose your preferred free sample nappies.

4. Joonya. You can get free nappies and wipes from Joonya. You just need to pay an $8 postage fee. Besides, you can get a $10 promo code on your first subscription order.

Free Baby Gift Bags

1. Johnson and Johnson is offering expecting mothers free baby gifts in Australia. You can get free baby samples Johnson and Johnson Australia like a Free Sample Box whose content varies from time to time, free baby gift bags full of free baby samples Australia like Baby Shampoo, free diaper bags, and $50 Johnson’s baby coupons.

2. Bounty Bags. Bounty Bags offers free baby stuff for expecting mothers. Bounty Bags are given to expectant mothers between 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. You can get one from clinics, maternity hospitals, pharmacies, and obstetricians. They also offer a Bounty Bag after birth, but before 48 hours are over. These bags are distributed by midwives.

3. BaoBag. BaoBag is provided as a free gift to new mothers in Australia. These bags are distributed through private hospitals, and obstetricians during pre or post-natal care to mothers when they give birth.

Free Food and Milk Sample

1. Oli6 free samples. You can get a free dairy goal formula range of products rich in vitamins and minerals like magnesium and calcium good for teeth and bones. Free samples are given to babies over 12 months old in Australia.

2. Blackmores Toddler milk. This is a high-quality milk made from high-quality Australian cows. To get this free sample of toddler milk, you just need to sign up on their website.

3. Funchfood. You can get free Australian wholegrain baby cereals that are nutritious. You can use this food to introduce your child to solid foods. To get a baby free sample, you just need to fill in a form on their website.

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Free Pads and Liners Samples

1. Poise. Poise also offers free samples to expecting mothers in Australia. Some of the free stuff they offer include pads and liners for women. You just need to register on their website and request for free baby samples.

2. U by Kotex. You can also get free sample pads and liners from U by Kotex. To get them, you just need to choose a product on their website and then wait for it by the mailbox.

3. My Comfort. If you are an expectant mother, you can get free baby stuff Australia like liners, pads, briefs, underpads, mesh pants, pull wipes, and pull-ups to expecting mothers. 

4. TENA. They offer up to 3 free baby samples of pads that you can try in  Australia. It takes between 7 to 14 working days for the product to arrive. They have a Product Finder Tool that you can use to locate free samples.

5. TORK. They offer free sanitary products like toilet paper, hand and facial tissues for mothers and babies in Australia. To get free stuff, you need to register on their website. 

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Skin Natural Care Samples

1. GAIA Skin Naturals. They offer skin natural samples. To get these baby samples in Australia, you need to post a stamped and self-addressed envelope to them.

2. Natralus. Natralus offers free skin a pack of skin care products to expecting mothers. The pack contains shampoo, creams, and moisturizers. You can order the free sample on their website. However, you need to pay a $2 delivery fee.

3. Basix. They offer free skin repair cream samples to expecting mothers in Australia. You just need to complete an online form with your details and they will send you free samples.

Summary of Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers 2023 Australia

The above are some free baby stuff for expecting mothers in Australia. Some other brands do not offer free samples, but instead, they offer discounted prices to new and expectant mothers. To get them, you need to fill in an online form on the respective websites.

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