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How Rich People Give Away Free Stuff

Vincent Nyoike
Vincent Nyoike Free Stuff

It is very common to see rich people give away free stuff to charity and support charitable works. Billionaires like MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife to Jeff Bezos of Amazon gave away $2.7 billion to organizations supporting different causes like disaster mitigation. Apart from making direct cash donations, there are many other ways the rich give away free stuff. In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways the rich give away free stuff.

1. University Programs and Scholarships

One of the ways the rich people give away free stuff is by supporting the poor by offering them scholarships. They also contribute money in the form of grants to universities so that they can extend scholarships to students from poor families. For instance, Bill Gates has made lots of donations to support university scholarships for needy students. Rich people also support university projects and sponsor universities and students doing research.

2. Charitable Work and Church Donations

The other way the rich give away free stuff is through donations towards charitable work. Churches in rich countries play a key role in mitigating disasters like drought. They provide free food to hunger-stricken areas. They also support the homeless and the vulnerable by providing them with food and clothing.

They also give out free cash without a specific purpose. If you are looking for free stuff, you can consider reaching out to organizations and you can get some assistance from the rich.

3. Sponsoring Arts and Entertainment

The other way the rich give away free stuff is by supporting arts and entertainment. If you have a skill or you like to adventure and you don’t have the needed finances, you can appeal for help from the rich and organizations and you can get funding.

Apart from rich individuals, companies also partner with people who want to adventure by supporting them financially. You just need to have an objective for your adventure or art and if the rich and corporate like the idea, they will sponsor it. Some of the adventures and projects that are supported by the rich include space exploration, ocean exploration, and solar projects. On the other hand, the rich also support entertainment in categories like theater, cinema, parks, and public festivals.

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4. Investing in Startups

Many rich people invest a lot of capital in startups. If you have a startup idea and you don’t have capital, you can reach out to the rich people and if they like your idea, they will sponsor it. Also, if you have an incredible project and you don’t have the capital to launch it, you can appeal for help from the rich and you can get the needed capital.

5. Competitions

The rich also give away free stuff by hosting competitions and awarding the winners. These competitions can take different forms and can be in athletics. To participate in competitions to win prizes and free stuff, make sure to keep checking for upcoming events and competitions. Many brands host such competitions and you too can take part. If you take part in such competitions, you increase your chances of wining and get free stuff.

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Free Stuff Websites

There are many places and websites that give free stuff. You can check for free stuff from the following websites.


Craigslist is a site where you can get, or give away free stuff.  Instead of throwing away items they no longer use, people give away these items as free stuff through Craigslist. You can get incredible offers on Craigslist if you are looking for free stuff online. You need to be cautious when interacting with strangers on Craigslist since not all people are genuinely giving away free stuff. is also a great site where you can find free stuff. You can find many household items that are given out for free including electronics. There are also many brands that give out free stuff for trials. is another excellent website where you can get a wide variety of free stuff. You can get free household products and coupons for products and restaurants. There are many offers that are normally updated daily.

Freecycle Network

Freecycle Network is a dedicated website that has over 9 million members from across the world. The website helps people to give and get free stuff. It is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help people put products and goods to the most efficient use. Becoming a member is free and you can find a wide variety of free products.

Summary on How Rich People Give Away Free Stuff

Rich people don’t give away free cash handouts. However, they give away free stuff in the form of donations and also support a noble cause. If you are looking for free stuff, you can check out the above free stuff websites or reach out to organizations that support such noble causes.

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