Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Mothers in South Africa

Expecting a baby is overwhelming for moms to be and they need to prepare by getting baby products before delivery. There are many baby products you need to purchase and can cost you lots of money. There are several ways for moms to be in South Africa to get free stuff. Getting these baby products can save you a lot of expenses.

Free Baby Samples South Africa 2023

The following are some free baby stuff for moms to be in South Africa.

1. Dis-Chem Baby Bag

Dis-Chem Baby Program is for first-time mothers that gives free baby stuff South Africa. You need to register your pregnancy and provide due dates. They give free baby bag South Africa to expectant mothers.  To qualify for dischem maternity bag, you need to shop at Dis-Chem stores and accumulate over 1275 benefit points.

On your 28th week of pregnancy, you will receive an SMS or email requesting you to collect your bag. Some of the items inside the bag include breast pads, maternity pass, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, bum cream and surgical spirit.

2. MomSays

MomSays helps new mothers get baby products. Through MomSays, moms can interact and connect with brands. Also, moms get a chance to win free baby products in South Africa. If you are a new mom, you can use the platform to get free stuff.

You must first join the program to benefit from free baby products. You can also try products from leading brands and provide reviews for the products you have used. 

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3. Mediclinic Baby Programme

This is a programme for moms who give birth at Mediclinic Hospitals and they get a wide variety of freebies. When you register for this programme, you get a luxury bag that comes with most of the products that your baby needs. Some of these freebies include nappies, wet wipes, bum crèmes and baby care products. Your baby is also vaccinated against Polio and BCG.

4. Unilever Products

Unilever gives expectant mothers in South Africa rewards when they accumulate points. You can also get up to a 40% discount on products that you buy. Also, you get rewarded when you accumulate points. You can benefit from Unilever's free stuff in the form of vouchers.

5. Bennetts for Babies

Moms who have used Bennetts products will tell you that they are excellent for the skin. To get free samples for Bennetts, you only need to email them through and you will get a sample pack. Some of the products you can expect to receive include Bennetts for baby bath, Bennetts's hair and body wash and Bennetts baby bum crème.

6. Netcare Maternity Passport

With Netcare Maternity passport, you get access to obstetricians and maternity facilities. You also get to enjoy the following benefits; 4D scan, Netcare baby gift bag, baby check for two weeks and Netcare baby gift bag. The bag also comes with Netcare emergency and safety guide for babies. You also get a lot of information that can assist you take care of the baby.

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7.  Discovery Vitality Baby

Discovery Vitality Baby is available to Discovery medical aid members. You can activate the baby gift and benefit from free products, vouchers and useful information. You must be pregnant or your baby must be less than 3 months old to qualify for the Discovery freebies. 

8. Huggies

Huggies also provides free stuff to new mothers in South Africa. Huggies has new Nappy Pants that can absorb wetness for 12 hours. It has a stretching waistband making it fit your baby well. You can get free Huggies nappies and tests before you can buy. To take advantage of the programme, you just need to visit their website and fill in a form. They have different sizes of Huggies, so you would need to select one that fits your baby.

9. Antenatal Classes

There are free antenatal classes for new mothers in South Africa. New moms are taught how to take care of the baby and advised about baby products and services. You also get to benefit from free baby products for your baby. 

10. Momentous Baby Programme

Momentous Baby Programme provides moms to be with free stuff in South Africa. You get a free bag that contains changing mat, nappy pants sample, wet wipes and a baby car sign. You need to sign up for the programme and be a member of Momentum and Multiply to enjoy the benefits. You can register for the programme during the 12th week of your pregnancy. You will be sent the bag with free baby stuff during the 24th week.

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Summary of Free Baby Stuff South Africa for Moms to Be

If you are an expectant mother in South Africa, you can get some of the above expectant mother freebies. For some programmes, you need to register when you are pregnant. When you give birth, you can get free baby products South Africa and antenatal benefits like antenatal classes.

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