Can You Work Two Full Time Jobs?

Do you have a full time job and you are thinking of taking an extra full time job? If you do, then we will give you tips on how to balance the two. First, you need to know that working two full time jobs can be overwhelming and you will not have much free time. As such, you need to look for ways to balance your work life and social life.

There are reasons why one might consider taking two full time jobs like to boost their income, pay off a loan, or save for a house or a wedding. If you are considering taking full time jobs, we will help you manage the situation effectively.

Can You Work Two Full Time Jobs?

Yes! It is not against the law to have two full time jobs. But, you risk getting fired if it’s against your employer’s policies. As such, you need to check with your employer if you can have two full time jobs.

There are challenges that come with having two full time jobs. They include; being overly overworked which can lead to unproductivity, high stress levels, and limited free time.

How to Work Two Full Time Jobs

Working a fulltime and part-time job at the same time can be overwhelming. As such, you need to know how to maneuver between the two jobs. The following tips can help you:

Pre Plan

Before you can take an extra full time job, you need to first plan. Look at your schedule and carefully plan the two jobs. Look at what time you report and leave from the first job and the time you report and leave from the second job. The two jobs should not conflict in terms of time. Also, you need to protect your first job.

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Find the Best Possible Second Job

Second, you need to carefully select the second job. It should be a job that will not interfere with your first job. It should be a job you can work alongside your first job. Also, consider convenience and flexibility when looking for a second full time job. For instance, you can consider an online job where you can work conveniently from your home.

Create To-Do Lists

When working two full time jobs, you need to balance the two jobs. As such, you need to create a to-do list of the things you need to do. This helps you keep track and record of tasks you have undertaken at both jobs. Besides, it helps you stay organized and avoid confusion over what you need to do. With a checklist, you can easily cross-check if you have gotten everything done. 

Get Some Time Off

Working two full time jobs can be tiring and time-consuming. Even so, you need to take care of yourself by taking breaks. You need some free time to recharge and focus on the things you love and aspects like family and friends. By taking breaks, you get the morale and motivation to continue working. Working for too long without breaks can make you less productive and it is not good for your health.

Use Your Time Efficiently

When working two full time jobs, you don’t have much free time. As such, you need to use your time efficiently. For instance, you can consider taking public transport to commute to work so that you have some time to rest. You can also consider taking meals during your free time so that you have enough time to work on your tasks.

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Work Remotely

If you have the option to work remotely, it can make things much easier. It gives you the convenience of working from your home and avoids time wastage moving from one job to the other. Still, even if it is one job you are working remotely, it can still help you save a lot of time.

When to Consider Two Full Time Jobs

There are instances when you can consider taking an extra full time job. These instances include:

  • When you are paying off a loan
  • When you are paying children’s school fees
  • When you are saving for a house or a wedding
  • When you have a lot of free time in your first job

What are the Benefits of Having Two Jobs?

The main reason people take two full time jobs is to boost their income. Other benefits of having two full time jobs include:

  • Job security
  • Build resilience
  • Better networking
  • Better career enhancement

Is It Possible to Work Two Full-time Jobs?

Yes. It is possible to work two full time jobs. However, it requires proper planning, time management, having to-do lists, and having priorities. It is overwhelming and you may not have a lot of free time. You can consider working virtually to save on time and costs like transport costs. Before taking a second job, you need to consider things like your health, your family, expenses, convenience, and flexibility. 

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