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Why Do Rich People Play Golf?

Playing golf is one of the things rich people do for fun. Playing golf is one of the ways for rich people to take some time off their busy work schedules and also network with other wealthy people. Golf is not a game for everyone. Only rich people play golf. Have you ever asked yourself, why do rich people play golf? It is because it is a game of wealthy people who can meet the costs associated with it.

Is Golf Really a Rich Person Game?

Yes. Golf is a rich person’s sport because it comes with hefty costs. Some of the costs associated with golf include membership fees, expensive equipment, and wages paid caddies. These costs normally add up to a few thousand bucks. It is for these reasons that golf is considered a rich person’s sport.

Why Do Rich Play Golf?

The following are the reasons why rich people play golf and why you will hardly see the average person playing golf.

1. They Can Afford to Play It

Golf is one of the most expensive games. There are expensive equipment one needs to buy and also pay membership fees. You also need to hire a person to carry all that golf equipment. These items cost a few thousand dollars and not just anyone who can splash such an amount of money just to play a game. Besides, to master how to play the game, you need to hire a coach to train you.

2. Playing Golf Comes with Social Status

Another reason why rich people play golf is that it comes with social status. It is known that golf is a game for rich people. Many rich people want some social status. As such, even if they won’t play golf, they will sign up for a membership just to get the social status associated with playing golf.

One of the ways rich people spend their money is on membership fees. So, even if playing golf attracts hefty fees, they are always willing to pay.

3. Golf Gives Rich People a Chance to Network

The other reason why rich people play golf is that it gives them a chance to network with other wealthy people. One of the places where rich people hang out is on golf courses to network. Through connections, they are able to learn, interact and promote their businesses.

4. Gives Them a Chance to Discuss Business Deals

One of the things rich people do for a living is business and entrepreneurship. Most of the time, rich people are looking for their rich counterparts to do business with. One of the places to find their fellow counterparts are on golf courses. By visiting the golf course, they meet potential businessmen they can discuss business deals with and grow their businesses.

5. Golf is a Safe Sport

One of the reasons why golf is a sport for the rich is because it is a safe sport. Rich people avoid games where they can hurt themselves. Wealthy people would never risk getting injured. They would never want to miss important business meetings or work because of injuries and that’s why they prefer golf.

6. Rich People Have the Time

Rich people have the time and they want to keep themselves busy by playing golf. They don’t have 9-5 jobs. They just work for a few hours and then they are free for the rest of the day. When they are free, they like to play golf. Besides, they have flexible schedules and they can do their work at any time they feel like.

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7. It is a Great Way to Exercise and Relax

Many rich people find playing golf as the best way to exercise and take a break from their jobs. It is because golf does not require much physical exertion. They can play golf, make business calls and attend business meetings at the same time. 

Is Golf Only for the Rich?

No. However, because of the high costs that comes with playing golf, golf has become associated with the rich. Even people who wouldn't necessarily play golf are signing up for golf club membership because of class and status. 

Summary: Why Do the Rich Play Golf?

The above are some of the reasons why rich people play golf. Golf is a sport for rich people because of the hefty costs associated with it like membership fees, expensive equipment, and costs associated with paying a caddie. And since playing golf comes with some sense of social status, that is why rich people prefer playing golf.

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