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How to Meet Millionaires for Business

Most time, we are looking for opportunities to interact and exchange ideas with rich people. There are many reasons one would want to meet with rich people. For instance, may be you have a business idea you would want to pitch to a rich person to help you with capital financing or any other reason? You will learn how to meet millionaires for business and places where you can meet rich people.

Best Places to Meet Rich People

To get to talk or interact with rich people, you need to ask yourself this question; where do millionaires hang out? Then you need to consider visiting those places where rich guys hang out. The following are some of the places you are likely to find them:

1. Golf Course

One of the things rich people do for fun is playing golf. As such, if you want to meet rich people, make a point to visit a golf course. Gold courses are frequent with rich people. Golf is a game for the rich and you are not likely to find the average person playing golf.

2. Antique Fairs

One of the things rich people buy for fun includes antiques like decorative arts and furniture. Antiques serve as a reminder of our rich past, and since wealthy people want to keep such reminders, they prefer to buy and keep antiques. Antiques tend to be expensive and only millionaires can afford them. Next time you want to meet a rich person, consider visiting an antique.

3. Airports

Another place you are likely to cross paths with rich people is airports. Wealthy people often travel by air to save time and especially when they are going on business trips. However, you would need to have access to airport lounges because that’s where most rich guys hang out. To get access to an airport lounge, you can consider getting good credit cards that come with perks like access to an airport lounge. 

4. Expensive Bars

Wealthy people like drinking expensive wine and beer. Become a frequent visitor at expensive bars and get to make friends. You can get a rich person willing to pay for your wine or beer as you discuss business. however, if you find a rich person willing to pay for your bill, don’t ask for pricey stuff. This is a good way to have a rich person like you and create friendships.

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5. Charitable Events

Many rich people like donating to charity and they often show up when there are charitable events. If you know of an upcoming charitable event, make a point to show up and you could meet many rich people. Besides, during such events, there is a favorable atmosphere to pitch your idea to a rich person.

6. Luxury Restaurants

Rich guys like to dine and hang out in luxury restaurants. Whenever they are traveling or in business meetings, they book expensive hotels and restaurants. Besides, many of them do not cook and prefer to eat at restaurants. As such, if you know a restaurant that is frequented by wealthy people, consider visiting there more frequently.

7. Fashion Stores

One of the hobbies for rich people is shopping for luxury brands. Find out where rich people shop within your neighborhood and then become frequent visitors. You are likely to cross paths with a rich person with whom you can discuss business and exchange ideas.

Summary of Where to Meet Millionaires for Business

If you want to meet rich people, then you need to ask yourself, where do rich people hang out? Once you have answered that question, become a frequent visitor to places where rich people hang out. Once you start hanging out at these places, learn some tactics on how to start a conversation with rich people. For instance, maybe you can educate yourself about topics rich people like discussing.

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