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What to Give a Homeless Person?

You might be thinking of helping a homeless person and you are wondering what to give them. Homeless people require personal amenities just like you and me need them. While there are shelters and charitable organizations dealing with homeless people, you too can contribute to their well-being. As such, in this article, we are going to list some of the things to give to homeless people and what not to give to homeless people.

Best Things to Give to the Homeless

If you are wondering what are the best things to give to homeless, consider the following:

1. Toiletries

Many homeless people have a challenge when it comes to addressing their personal hygiene. This even affects their body odor. As such, one of the best things to give a homeless person are toiletries like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and soap, and other laundry detergents. 

Besides, you can also help a homeless person access a bathroom where they can take a shower. This can increase their quality of life and even make it easier for them to interact with other people when they look clean and neat.

2. Food

Food is a basic need and is the best thing to give homeless person. Many restaurants and hotels do not welcome homeless people and most of them end up eating food from dustbins. Therefore, if you have any food left over, instead of throwing it away next time, package it well and give it to a homeless person.

3. Clothes

Clothes are also a basic need and an important thing you can give to homeless people. There are many places near you where you can donate clothes.  You can also donate clothes directly to a homeless person that you know. As such, don’t allow clothes you no longer use to pile up in your wardrobe. Consider giving them out to homeless people.

Some of the clothes you can give out include socks, trousers, underwear, skirts, t-shirts, blankets, bedsheets, and sweaters. Consider also giving them cold weather clothes they can wear during cold

4. Sanitary Products

Sanitary products are very essential, especially among homeless women. Most of these products are expensive and many homeless people cannot afford them. You can donate sanitary products to homeless people near you or donate to an organization dealing with homeless people.

Some of the sanitary products you can give to homeless people include tampons, tissue paper, sanitary pads, toilet seat covers, and brushes.

5. Gift Cards

You can also gift a homeless person a gift card. For instance, if you have McDonald’s or Burger King gift card, you can consider giving it to a homeless person. He can get fed or he can choose what he wants.

6. Reusable Containers

Many homeless people depend on well-wishers to feed them. From time to time, they need reusable containers to put food they get from well-wishers. Besides, they can use these reusable containers to store drinking water or soft drinks.

7. First Aid Kit

Many homeless people cannot access medical care, yet they are prone to many minor accidents and injuries. As such, first aid kit is one of the best things to give homeless person. Make sure the first aid kit has things like bandages, and common OTC medicines like Aspirin, Cough Drops, etc. Such stuff can help them when they get a scratch or a small cut and prevent infection.

What Not to Give a Homeless Person?

While there are many things you can give to a homeless person, there are also things that you shouldn’t give to a homeless person. They include the following:

1. Money

You shouldn’t give money to a homeless person. It is because he or she can use the money to buy things like hard drugs and other harmful products. Instead of giving them money, consider asking them about the things they are in need of and then buying for them.

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2. Sugary and Junky Food

Sugary and junky food is not good for the health of homeless people. Such kind of food tends to destroy their teeth and exposes them to diabetes. As such, avoid foods like candies and chocolate. Besides, homeless people can barely access dental care.

3. Perishable Products

The other thing not to give to homeless people is perishable products. Make sure to give street families food that can last longer. And since they cannot access a refrigerator, such food can easily go bad. In such a case, when they eat it, they are likely to suffer food poisoning yet they don’t have access to medical care.

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4. Sharp Objects

For the safety of homeless people, avoid giving them sharp objects like blades, knives, forks, and scissors. They may end up hurting themselves with such objects.

5. Matches

Again, for safety measures, do not give homeless people things that can light a fire like matches, lighters, or anything else. Besides, homeless people don’t have the need for such things anyway.

Summary of What to Give a Homeless Person

The above are some of the things you can give and those you shouldn’t give to a homeless person. Homeless people have need of basic needs like food and shelter just like me and you need them. You can give these items directly to homeless persons or you can donate them to shelters and charitable organizations.

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