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Best Wedding Photographers in Kenya

Weddings deserve to be memorable events in a couple’s life because it happens once in a lifetime. These memories can best be preserved through well captured wedding photos and videos. You can do this by seeking the services of highly skilled, equipped and creative photographer.

Best Kenyan Destination Wedding Photographers

We are going to provide you with a list of some of the best wedding photographers in Kenya:

1. Kiss The Bride Photography

Kiss The Bride Photography is a top wedding photography company in Nairobi, Kenya managed by Nicholas Stripling. The company’s style of wedding photography is rooted in wedding photojournalism that gives a result that is romantic, fun, and emotional.

Nicholas covers weddings in and around Nairobi, Masai Mara, Mombasa, Nanyuki, and internationally. Being a professional wedding photographer, Kiss the Bride Photography is among the most sought after photographers in Kenya. Due to his high demand, he usually takes on a limited number of weddings each year.

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2. Antony Trivet Photography

Antony Trivet Photography is another top wedding photography company in Kenya with a background in executive portraiture and commercial illustrative photography. Antony Trivet runs the company and is also an editor and visual media instructor. He has won several awards in journey as a professional photographer. He was the winner of the Sony World Photography Awards 2018 Kenya National Award, the Canon Selphy Street Photography Competition 2016, and more.

3. Ben Kiruthi Photography

Ben Kiruthi is also among the best wedding photographers in Kenya. He works with his wife to help couples keep their wedding day memorable. Ben is a Christian photographer who makes a follow-up on a couple years after their wedding day to see how they are doing. He also trains and mentors young photographers during his free time.

4. Katz Photography

Katz Photography is a boutique photography studio focused on family and wedding photography. Timothy, the owner of Katz photography doubles as an artistic wedding documentary photographer and a visual storyteller. He features Muslim, Asian, traditional, formal, and Christian weddings in Kenya and East Africa. Timothy together with his wife, Monicah, have gained a massive audience and are among the most sought after photographers in the country.

5. Janeson Wedding Photography

Janeson wedding photography in Kenya is among the top wedding photographers and videographers. He offers video coverage and aerial drone photos and videos in the country. Janeson’s wedding photography packages features an experienced and reliable team of photographers, videographers, and film directors, professional wedding video editing, clean and professional photo mounts, fast delivery for edited photos and videos, and more. Their minimum package costs kshs. 35, 000 while their Gold photography package costs kshs. 125, 000.

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6. The Sauce Films

The Sauce Films is a top wedding photography and Videography Company based in Nairobi but it provides its services all over the world producing cinematic wedding films and photos. The company is among the best in wedding photography, wedding films, videography, documentaries, and pro editing.

If you are looking to have cinematic wedding films or photography of your wedding day, the Sauce Films is the company to go to. Their videos and photos of your wedding day will keep the memories fresh.

7. Joewell Photography

Joewell Photography is a Kenyan photography blog owned by Joe Nganga, a professional wedding photographer with exceptional photography skills. Joe will capture every moment, from the early morning getting ready shots to the last person standing at the evening party.

8. Maiafreia Photography

Maiafreia Photography is run by Lola Leila who is a reputable wedding photographer with many years of experience in capturing wedding, engagement, honeymoon, and anniversaries. She delivers quality Muslim, Indian, and Asian destination wedding photos.

9. Photoshots Kenya

Photoshots is another top wedding photography company in Kenya that captures the moments and emotions in a wedding creating nearly tangible memories for the couple. The company has clients all over the world and has been recognized and awarded the best photography company in Kenya.

10. Christophe Viseux Photography

Christophe Viseux is another popular wedding photographer that specializes in destination weddings. Over the past years, Christophe Viseux Photographers have worked in popular and luxurious wedding venues such as the Amboseli, Masai Mara, Malindi, Zanzibar, Lamu, Mombasa, and more.

11. Jafassam

Jafassam is a wedding photography company based in Mombasa. It provides luxury engagement, wedding, honeymoon, and anniversary photography services to classical and romantic couples in Kenya and around the world. Jafassam’s team of photographers and videographers will take on bookings in Mombasa, Diani, Watamu, Malindi, Vipingo, and Lamu.

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12. Soho Studios

Soho Studios is a premium wedding photography and film company in Kenya with the most creative photographers. The company’s photographers capture the most candid moments in your wedding, creating unique imagery. They help you keep track of your big day by striving to capture every moment of it.

Summary of the Best Kenya Wedding Photographers 

Kenya is a country with some of the best wedding photographers in Africa. There being many professional wedding photographers in the country, you’ll be spoilt for choice on who to take on for the job. When you make your choice, be sure to discuss your needs and preferences with your photographer so that your big day is captured without problems.

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