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Vincent Nyoike

Vincent Nyoike
Vincent Nyoike About

Vincent Nyoike is some kind of a difficult person to grasp. He goes by two definitions: Some kind of a human-dolphin that: 

  1. Can't swim, but has a lot of care for others.
  2. Separates itself from anything that doesn't bring peace. 

Some say I'm quiet and serious while others wish I had a pause button in my mouth. Either way, I am one perfect person to be your favorite hello.  

I'm an interesting person, but sometimes I can be annoying. I also think I am funny in my own way in that I'm the only one who gets my jokes. To cut it short, there are many adjectives I would have loved to use, but I will leave it up to you.

It's Alive 

I was born and raised in Murang'a County. I have had the privilege to travel across the country and live in different parts of the country. I attended several schools due to unavoidable circumstances, giving me a chance to learn and interact with people from different backgrounds.  


I'm not a pundit, but I love knowledge. Reading for fun is interesting. I graduated from the University of Eldoret with a BSc in Applied Statistics with Computing in 2018. Before graduating, I had started a course in Certified Public Accountants (CPA) but lost interest before completing it.

Since then, I have concentrated on personal development and self-acquired skills. Nevertheless, the course has been instrumental in my work. 

I have an interest in finance, business and startups. If you have a SEO project, you can reach out to me on Upwork


I am a full-time freelancer, not a profession, but my passion. I love writing. Research and SEO are my thing. I always want to scribble down ideas and share my thoughts. 

I have had the privilege to work with finance organizations around the world. I have contributed to, to advocate for the introduction of basic income in African countries. I have also written for the Standard Media Group.


I love blogging. It is something that resonates from within. I think of it even when I'm not working. I'm constantly thinking of ways to better my blogs and make them more informative. When something is really important, you constantly think of it even when you are not working.  

I also like taking walks so that I can have enough time to think and plan. I can stop along the way and stare at this or that. It could be anything; a building, a garage. I also like traveling, for fun. Generally, I like to pay attention to anything that sparks my inner ignition.


I have several projects I am working on, online and offline. Besides Nexin Startups, I am working on a new project; Freelancer Ideas, a web portal that will impart readers with ideas on how to make money online.

I started it in October 2020, before leaving it to work on other projects. I am also working on other projects and once they are up and running, I will update this page.  


There have been tons of failures along the way, but they were worth it. I have always learnt something from them. I get to know what works and what doesn't. Failure is painful, but it is a useful ingredient to becoming successful.

To start a challenging project, you need to have high pain tolerance. For instance, when starting the Nexin Startups project, I faced multiple failures that costed me lots of cash. However, it is one of the most successful projects I have undertaken.  


I'm a highly motivated person by the will and wish to succeed. I love challenges and finding solutions to problems. My biggest motivation is my love for what I do. If you like what you do, you can make it regardless of the challenges.

There is a quote I love by Elon Musk; "If something is important enough, then you do it even though the risk of failure is high." Doing what I love most gives me reasons to wake up every morning.  

How I Consider Myself

I'm self-driven, ambitious, smart and resilient. Not to forget, I am an introvert. It is because I learned the secret of talking less and listening more.

I'm not an office person. I can't sit in an office from 8 to 5. It is because I like working under my own terms, giving me the chance to decide.

Nevertheless, I always want to make things happen, and not wait for them to happen. I also like to keep my space and work manageable.