Best Investment Opportunities in Kenya

People willing to invest look for investment opportunities in Kenya with high returns. Kenya is a silicon Savannah of investment opportunities. The Kenyan economy consists of many sectors where people can invest. 

Investment opportunities create jobs opportunities and also generate revenues. The government is promoting investment by promoting SMEs through different initiatives like National Youth Development Fund.

Top 10 Best Investments in Kenya 

The following are some of the best investment opportunities in Kenya you can consider. 

1. Agribusiness

Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy. Most of the Kenyan exports are agricultural products. Therefore, by investing in agriculture, you are sure of making significant returns. You can choose to do greenhouse farming in all seasons.

Selling fresh produce to food processing industries and households is, without a doubt, profitable. Some areas you can invest in include poultry and pig farming, fertilizer distribution, worm farming, a hatchery for egg production, and construction of livestock houses.

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2. Information, Communications, and Technology

The growth of e-business, mobile money transactions, and ICT startups in previous years makes the ICT sector one of the country's most valuable investment niche.

Some areas to invest in include mobile and web business transactions, cyber security and anti-fraud systems, and film animation production.

3. Building and Construction

Investing in the building and construction industry in Kenya is one of the best decisions you can make since it is one of the few sectors that offer a guarantee for returns on investment. The high demand for housing and infrastructure by the growing population in Kenya makes the building and construction industry highly profitable.

Entrepreneurs are setting up businesses, and they need commercial and industrial buildings to carry out most of their activities. Investing in real estate to provide business people with working spaces is a real catch. The manufacturing and supply of building materials is also a significant investment.

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4. Saccos

Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies have enabled the growth of the micro-financial sector in Kenya. Saccos are good investments for people with busy job schedules.

Returns from an investment in a Sacco come in the form of dividends from interests on loans, and Saccos pay an annual dividend of not less than 10% of your shares.

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5. Tourism

Kenya is amongst the preferred tourist destinations in Africa, making the tourism sector earn Kenya the largest foreign exchange. However, Kenyans can still exploit some of the untapped areas in the industry.

When tourists visit different countries, they love to carry souvenirs back to their own country. You can make something traditional and sell it to visiting tourists.

If your home town is a tourist attraction center, you can be a tour guide and lead nature walks. Established entrepreneurs can invest in tourist hotels, casinos, amusement parks, game lodges, and tourism and hospitality training.

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6. Oil and Gas

Following the establishment of the commercial viability of oil discovered in Turkana, the oil and gas sector is a profitable sector to invest in. Popular sources of energy are wood fuel, petroleum, and electricity.

However, the continuous awareness of the dangers of using wood fuel and the fall in global oil prices has significantly increased the uptake of liquefied petroleum gas. This gives marketers and cooking gas small retailers higher sales.

7. Food Trucks

Investing in food trucks is ideal for young people in Kenya, as it does not require lots of capital. You can decide to sell fast foods like chips, hotdogs, samosas, and burgers using mobile food trucks.

Most people with jobs have no time to prepare meals or walk long distances to buy food. You can station your food truck next to offices, and while observing hygiene, you are likely to make good profits.

8. Securities Market

Investing in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) market is another excellent opportunity. You can invest through any licensed stockbrokers and investment banks of your choice. The Kenyan government and other companies are buying bonds at attractive rates to finance development projects.

Investing in government bonds is an excellent substitute for saving money in traditional banks since they have high-interest rates depending on the prevailing economic trends.

The Kenyan government borrows from the general public to fund its projects and to run the government. The government has introduced a new affordable bond called M-AKiba bond bought through M-pesa.

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9. Branding and PR Industry

Branding is an excellent investment opportunity for Kenyan youths. You only need to build a brand for yourself through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

This business includes stuff like wedding decorations, event planning, and content development for companies. You are sure to make huge profits.

10. Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds combine investments from several individuals and corporations to make joint investments. Parties share in the firm's profits and losses. An accredited Fund Manager makes all investment choices on behalf of all the investors (a single investor is called a unit holder).

A unit holder holds units based on the amount invested in the unit fund trust. Mutual funds have different rates of return.

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Summary of the Best Investment Options in Kenya 

With the high unemployment rates in Kenya, it is essential to turn to self-employment and be your own boss. All the above investment opportunities are highly profitable. All you need to do is do some research and make informed decisions when choosing an area of interest.

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This article was updated on September 24, 2022

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