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Best Investment Companies in Kenya

If you are thinking of investing your money, then you need to know some of the best investment companies in Kenya. Kenya has many companies that will help you grow your money. The Kenyan economy was ranked among the top 20 fastest-growing economies in Africa, making it an excellent investment hub. With economic and political stability, you can be sure of good returns on investment.

Best Asset Management Companies in Kenya

The following are some asset management companies in Kenya you can consider:

1. NIC Securities Limited

NIC Securities Limited is a subsidiary of the NIC Bank. You can use it to invest in bonds and other securities. It also run online forex trading. Therefore, if you are looking forward to starting investing in bonds and forex, this is a great investment company to consider.

2. Apex Africa Limited

Apex Africa Limited is a brokerage firm that is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The firm deals with stocks, asset financing, asset management, corporate finance, market research and deposits. Consider this investment company if you wish to invest in these areas.

3. Faida Investment Bank

Faida Investment Bank is listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange and is licensed by Capital Markets Authority. It specializes in the capital and securities market. It also offers services like brokerage services, advisory services, market research and managed futures.

The bank has been in operation for over 2 decades. It has operations in Rwanda, thereby providing you with diversified investments.

4. Centum Investments

Centum Investments is listed in the Uganda Securities Exchange and  NSE. The company specializes in real estate investments. It has invested in the Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi which is the largest mall in East and Central Africa.

You can use this investment company to invest in private equity, financial services, or the agricultural sector. The firm has subsidiaries like Centum real estate, Centum capital partners and Nabo Capital.

5. Standard Investment Bank

Standard Investment Bank is one of the oldest investment firms in Kenya. It offers a wide variety of investment opportunities like Global markets, SIB Asset Management, SIB Fixed Income and Equities. It hosts investors from different sectors. Therefore, you should not be worried when investing in the firm. 

6. Afvest Limited

Afvest Limited was founded in 2012 and is among the best-performing investment companies in Kenya. It accepts investors from different sectors like renewable energy, real estate, venture capital fund and fintech sectors. It mainly deals with long-term investments.

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7. Dyer & Blair

Dyer & Blair is an investment bank in Kenya that mainly deals with capital markets. It among the first companies to get listed in Nairobi Stock Exchange, Uganda Stock Exchange and Rwanda Stock Exchange. The firm deals with private wealth management, brokerage services and investment banking. 

8. Everstrong Capital 

Everstrong Capital is a leading investment firm in Kenya. It has a presence in Kenya, Europe and the USA. It mainly deals with investors from these sectors; Communication Energy and Power, Water and Transportation. 

9. Kestrel Capital

Kestrel Capital is an investment firm that deals in the capital market. It is licensed to operate by the Capital Markets Authority. It is a stock and bond broker. It deals in investment placing, corporate finance advisory, NSE listing, bond trading and stock trading. If you are looking to invest in these areas, then consider this firm.

10. Old Mutual Securities

Old Mutual Securities is a subsidiary of Pan-African Investment. It is an investment company that deals with private wealth management, mutual funds management, financial services, securities and insurance. The firm had a merger with UAP Old Mutual.

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Summary of Best Investment Companies in Kenya

When deciding about the best wealth management companies in Kenya to invest your money in, you need to consider what sectors the firm deals in. Make sure to invest in a company that specializes in your field. Also, shop around and get to know about the company’s reputation.

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