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Best Crowdfunding Sites for Individuals

Are you looking for the top crowdfunding sites or wishing to raise startup capital? You can use different sites to run campaigns and receive donations from businesses, strangers, well-wishers, family, and friends. With the best crowdfunding websites, you can reach more people and get more donors to contribute to your project.

We have a list of crowdfunding sites to help you get the best platform for your crowdfunding campaign. Here are some of the best fundraising sites for individuals.


GoFundMe is the leading crowdfunding platforms in the world. It has partnered with the giant currency exchange platform PayPal to help charitable organizations. You can use it to reach a broader audience through campaigns. It is a fee-free platform, with the only charge for transacting money. The processing fee is charged by money processors and is usually 2.9% and an additional $0.30.

The platform has different categories for charitable contributions like medical fees, non-profits, education, and memorials.


Indiegogo is the other funding raising platform you can use to run campaigns on different categories. The categories include tech, social, marketing, and innovation. The platform displays impressive videos, photos, and messages to potential donors telling them about your mission. It is an easy to run online campaign.

There are no charges if you are fundraising for non-profit cause—only credit card fee of 3 percent and $0.30. If the campaign is for a profitable project, there is a fee of 5%, a platform fee of 3 percent, and $0.30.

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MightyCause is mainly focused on raising funds for non-profits. It has a basic plan that is free and is mainly for essential services. You can migrate to the premium subscription plan that comes with features like Customer Relations Manager. The subscription plan attracts a fee of $99 every month. The site has creative ideas aimed at raising funds for different events like weddings.

Charity Navigator

CharityNavigator is a transparent platform that ensures transparency and accountability on the cause of fundraising. It is mainly focused on charity for financial health. The site provides information on how non-profits are using donor's funds.

The good thing about it is that fundraisers do not have to put any effort. The site does it for them. The site has a donation basket that you can use for a one-time donation or recurring donations.


FundMyTravel is an excellent platform for crowdfunding through its easy to use features. The site charges a 5% fee on all donations and has no hidden fees. However, payment processing platforms charge fees on transactions.

It is an ideal platform for people who want to travel abroad for adventures and other missions. FundMyTravel will help you share your campaign and get funding for your projects.


Fundly is a cheap crowdfunding site that will help reap a lot due to its less overhead costs. You can use a Facebook account to sign up. The good thing about it is that there is no minimum cap that you need to raise. You can also withdraw money in less than 24 hours after fundraising. You can run campaigns using blogs, videos, and photos related to your crowdfunding mission.

Fundly pricing are as follows; 4.9% on all donations, 2.9% processing fees and an additional $0.30. It is best suited for bloggers and people in love with Instagram.  

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Classy is a platform that is generally focused on fundraising for events. Through it, you can manage and plan events. It has features that will allow you to manage emails. It is easy to use while you can also edit and design the campaign running pages. You can use the chat option whenever you have an issue you want to be addressed by the support team.

Its pricing starts at $499 every month. However, it also provides a free trial that you can use before signing up for the subscription plan.  

Having the best fundraising site is best especially when you want to raise money urgently. You can choose one from the list of top fundraising sites. Make sure to compare charges between different sites.