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Top FinTech Startups Worldwide

The advancement in mobile technology has led to the tremendous growth of the Fintech industry. Fintech startups provide innovative solutions to small businesses when sending and receiving money. If you are starting your business, and need low-cost solutions to your financial needs, the following are some top fintech startups that can help you.


Planwise is a fintech startup established to help people gain skills essential in financial planning. The startup provides a user-friendly program that guides customers to evaluate their financial situations. Planwise also has a team of specialists who will help to keep your retirement plan on course.


N26 is a financial technology startup that enables customers to manage their bank accounts through smartphones. The N26 bank account has no hidden fees. With a free MasterCard, you can make free ATM withdrawals in euros and free payments in any currency. Real-time push-up notifications help customers keep track of every transaction that comes in and out of their bank accounts.

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Wise is a money transfer startup that facilitates money transfers between accounts. Wise charges less than banks to send money abroad. It charges a fee equal to a percentage of your transfer. This eliminates unnecessary fees. Both individuals and companies use TransferWise.

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Ant Financial

Ant Financial is among the best online payment services provider based in China.  It is an affiliate of Alibaba Group. It runs Ant Financial Cloud, Alipay, and Ant Fortune. Ant Financial offers wealth management services, private banking, online payments, cloud computing, and credit reporting.


SoFi was initially a student loan refinancing startup. Currently, it offers several financial services, including mortgages, savings, life insurance, checking accounts, and personal loans. SoFi has grown tremendously and has more than 900,000 members.

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Revolut is a financial technology startup with its headquarters in London. It offers EUR bank accounts, stock trading, cryptocurrency exchange, and debit cards. You can spend and make ATM withdrawals in 120 currencies using the mobile app. Revolut app also allows money transfers abroad in 29 currencies. It also holds an EU banking license.

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Robinhood is a mobile app that allows users to make free investments from a desktop or mobile device. This fintech startup was formed to make finance more accessible to young investors. It offers commission-free trading of stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. Robinhood's revenue comes from interest earned on customer's cash balances and margin lending.

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Tala is a top fintech startup that provides credit access to people in underserved places like the Philippines, Mexico, and Kenya. Tala android app gives instant credit scores based on daily life data from their smartphones. Tala also grants loans between $10 and $500.


Monese startup is an online banking platform that offers current accounts and money transfer services to businesses and individuals. It is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is available in 31 countries across the European Economic area. Monese current accounts provide services similar to those offered by standard bank accounts, including account transfers, direct debits, fast bank transfers, and payments.

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Coinbase is a digital currency wallet service that enables traders to buy and sell bitcoin. To purchase cryptocurrencies using Coinbase, you need to link a bank account or credit card to your Coinbase account. Coinbase has over 10 million customers.

City Falcon

City Falcon aims to help small investors. It collects and scans media sources and prioritizes the value of the sources using crowd behavior analysis. City Falcon also compares brokerage charges across brokering companies. This helps small investors make informed decisions.


Avant is a fintech startup based in Chicago. It is a private online lending platform that aims to lower borrowing costs for middle-income consumers. Avant rates the creditworthiness of its customers for unsecured personal loans and credit using proprietary software. It offers loans ranging from $2,000- $35,000.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects such as movies, photography, music, theater, and art. Its main aim is to help bring creative projects to life. Kickstarter will give your project a landing page for donations, descriptions, and photos. As a project creator, you choose a deadline and a minimum funding goal. If you don't meet the target by the deadline, no funds are collected. The platform is open to backers from all over the world. 


Kontist is a fintech startup founded to provide banking services to freelancers, small business owners, and self-employed entrepreneurs. Kontist does not have a banking license. Its services include direct debits, account management, preparation of financial information, and tax reserves creation.