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How to Invest and Become Rich in Kenya

Vincent Nyoike
Vincent Nyoike Finance

Everyone has a dream of accumulating wealth and becoming rich overnight. Becoming rich is making money work for you and living a life without worrying about money. The bitter truth is that genuine wealth is built over time. Wealth accumulated overnight does not last.

Becoming rich is is a process, where you earn, save and then invest. Most people stop at saving. Regardless of the amount you accumulate in savings, you can spend it all in a single day.

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If you look at the world's wealthiest people, they have multiple investments that generate revenue day after day. They re-invest that revenue and that way, they have managed to accumulate wealth over the years. The following are tips that will help you accumulate wealth and become rich. 

1. Build Habits

If you want to become rich, you need to build some habits to become financially independent. You need to have financial discipline. Most of the rich people have developed spending habits and this way, they do not spend money on unprofitable activities. For instance, you could set a percentage of your earnings that will go to savings and the rest for expenses.

2. Diversify Your Sources of Income

Rich people do not wholly rely on their payslips only. Instead, they build many sources of income such that even if one source frustrates them, they have others. Successful people never stop investing even when they feel they have several investments. They always build more sources of revenue. Having multiple sources of income gives one financial freedom and one doesn't have to worry when one venture fails.

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3. Pay Off Your Debts

Paying off debts is one of the steps to achieving financial freedom. When you have debts, they accumulate interest, and thus you end up paying more. Make sure to clear your debts as soon as you can. Identify those debts that can be paid off before investing and those that can be paid after investing. It is better to focus on repaying debts so that you can save without having to worry about interest rates accumulating on your debts.

4. Save on Percentage of Your Earnings 

One of the critical steps to becoming rich is to start by saving. To start investing, you need a significant amount of capital and the best way to accumulate it is by saving. The best way to save is by setting aside a percentage of your earnings. The most recommended saving is 30 percent of your earnings. When you get your salary, first deduct your savings. Then use what remains for expenses. If you start by setting aside money for daily use, you will not be left with any amount to save.

5. Use Financial Institutions to Save

When saving, do not put your money under your mattress and convince yourself that you are saving. Make sure to open a savings account with your bank. This way, you can accumulate some interest over time. The more you save, the higher the interest your money accumulates.  Financial institutions make sure that every penny counts in your wealth. Avoid keeping money within your easy reach since it becomes tempting to spend it. 

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6. Reduce Your Expenses

When growing wealth, you need to eliminate avoidable expenses. For instance, it is not economical to have a car that takes a significant amount of your earnings. You can forego that until a time when you have built multiple sources of income. Make sure to continually evaluate your spending and see where you are spending more and see how you can bring down expenses. Ensure that your money goes to necessities only. 

7. Invest in Profitable Ventures 

One of the secrets of the rich people is that they invest in properties that accumulate in value. Becoming rich is not about accumulating cash in the bank. It is about having valuable assets that you can sell at a profit. You will realize that world's richest people could be having fewer bank balances than you would expect. Instead, they store their money in properties.

Some of the investments that can help you accumulate wealth include real estate, shares, stocks and bonds. Make sure to buy properties with high returns on investments and buy them when prices are low. With time, their value will appreciate and you can sell them at a profit or re-invest in them. Re-invest in those properties if they are generating significant revenues.

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8. Have Priorities

Some investments are profitable compared to others. As such, you need to have priorities on which investment comes first. Prioritize on the most profitable investments. Also, just like investments, expenses have priorities. Make sure to spend on necessities only. Some expenses can be postponed until such a time when you have multiple sources of income. Write down your investments and expenses in the order of their priority.

9. Keep Learning

Financial education is the best investment. Keep learning how well you can grow your money and build wealth. To become rich, it takes time and wisdom. Keep learning every day and from time to time, evaluate your progress. Look at how better you can invest and the expenses you can get rid of. Wealthy people never stop learning. They are always thirsty for financial education.