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How to Survive in the Streets if You are Homeless

If you are new to homelessness or you are about to become homeless, then you need to master a few urban survival tips for rough sleeping. Before we can jump into it, sleeping in the streets is not safe and should be the last resort. Consider other options for homeless people like applying for shelters or borrowing a temporary place to sleep. If you cannot find another option and you have to go to the streets, then make sure to prioritize your safety.

The following are homeless survival techniques that can help you survive in the streets.

Survival Tips for Homeless People Sleeping on the Streets

Sleeping in the streets is dangerous and if this is the only option you have, then consider the following sleeping rough tips to stay safe in the streets.

1. Find Somewhere Safe to Sleep

If you are new to rough sleeping, it is important that you identify a good place to sleep. Some of the best places to sleep in the streets are in abandoned buildings or cars. Ensure the place is also well-lit, near an exit, and safe. Also, ensure it is a place where the police won’t bother you. By any chance, you also need to prepare yourself for chances that the police can bother you.

2. Sleep in Groups

The other tip for rough sleeping is to sleep in groups. Avoid sleeping alone for your own safety. Make sure to blend with other people who are homeless. In most cases, homeless people don’t want to be noticed. Homeless people are usually targeted by thieves. Besides, they are also at risk of getting kicked out of their dwelling places. As such, make sure you know a few homeless people you can spend a night together with. 

3. Sleep on Something Warm

If you are new to rough sleeping, it is important you get something warm you can cover yourself with. It can be a blanket or a sleeping bag. Also, do not sleep on the ground and instead sleep on a bench. This way, you can avoid cold. Make sure that the place you choose to sleep does not rain and is not windy to prevent yourself from feeling cold.

4. Ensure Your Hands, Head and Feet are Covered

The other tip for a person sleeping in the streets is to ensure you cover every part of their body. Even if you have warm clothes, make sure to cover your head, hands, and feet. For instance, you can wear socks and gloves and then cover your head with other clothing.

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5. Collect Newspapers

Newspapers are not new with rough sleepers. If you are new in the streets, make sure to collect as many newspapers as possible. You can use them to make your sleep more comfortable by either covering yourself with them or sleeping on them to avoid sleeping directly on the floor.

6. Keep Your Items Close

You shouldn’t leave your items like blankets, containers, or clothing scattered. You need to hide them since you will need them again. If you can, make sure to go with them everywhere you go. Don’t get comfortable even if the place looks safe. Getting robbed when you are homeless can worsen your situation. 

7. Store Food

You need to have a spare container where you can store food. In a good day, you can get food from well-wishers. Make sure to store the leftover food in a tin to keep rats and squirrels away. You can also store the food in survival gear. Also, make sure that you have refillable bottles where you can store water and soft drinks. You can get such containers from restaurants or gas filling stations.

8. Stay Clean

When you are homeless, cleanliness can easily go out of hand. You need to stay clean by ensuring that you clean your hands very often, eat clean food and take a shower regularly. If you don’t have a place to shower, you can rub yourself with wet wipes. Staying clean prevents you from diseases.

9. Always Be Ready to Leave

The other tip for surviving on the streets homeless people is to always be ready to leave. Don’t get attached to the place where you live. You can get kicked out by police or authorities at any minute. Ensure that your items are always packed so that it is easy to leave within the shortest time possible, if need be.

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10. Avoid Conflicts

The other urban survival tip for rough sleeping is to avoid conflict at all costs. Unless you are physically attacked and you need to defend yourself, keep away from conflicts. You don’t want a situation where you get injured. It is a bad thing to get an injury, especially when you are homeless and don’t have access to medical care.

Summary of How to Survive on Streets for Homeless People

If you are new to rough sleeping, the above are homeless survival techniques you need to consider to survive in the streets. It is challenging to live in the streets and it should be the last option. Before considering it, consider looking for shelters or borrowing a temporary place to sleep before you can figure things out. If there is no option and you have to sleep in the streets, prioritize your safety.

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