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What Do Millionaires Do for Fun?

While millionaires are often busy, when they are free, there are things they like doing for fun. For instance, they like socializing, giving to charity and making money. But when they are free, they like participating in games, some of which are associated with the elite class. Some of these games like polo are expensive and only the wealthy can afford them. While millionaires do the following things for fun, they are also a sign of affluence.

What Do Millionaires Do for Fun?

What do billionaires do for fun? The following are some of the things rich people do for fun.

1. Golfing

Golf is known to be a game for the rich. It is because it comes with some hefty charges. For instance, joining Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey costs $300,000. While golf is hailed as one of the most boring games, it is one of the things millionaires do for fun. Billionaires like Bill Gates like to play golf during their free time.

2. Yachting

One of the things millionaires buy for fun is yachts. It is because millionaires like yachting during holidays and vacations. Not many people can afford a yacht because it comes with a captain and a crew. It will cost you not less than $5,000 to rent one for a day. Elon Musk, world's second richest man recently posted pictures on Twitter yachting. 

3. Skiing

Skiing is a common thing that millionaires do for fun. Among the richest people who like skiing is Roman Abramovich, an Israeli billionaire. Some of these rich people own ski resorts from where they go to ski. While it was a mode of transport in the past, lately it has become a recreational activity, especially among the rich.

4. Skydiving

Jumping from planes is not a thing for common folks. To participate, you must afford to hire a plane and buy skydiving gear which costs at least $5,000. While skydiving is a recreational thing among millionaires, it can also be for competition purposes. It gives one the thrill of a free fall from a plane.

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5. Art Collecting

While it may sound boring, art collecting is a common thing for millionaires. David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio are some of the renowned millionaires who do art collecting for fun. They collect expensive artworks from renowned artists and splash money in buying them.

6. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is the other thing millionaires do for fun. Scuba diving is an underwater swimming where divers use breathing equipment for air supply. It is an expensive recreational activity that only the rich can afford on a regular basis. You need at least $500 to get scuba diving certification and equipment.

7. Horse Racing

Most wealthy people own horses. Rich people like participating in horse racing for fun. Among the rich people who like horse racing are Steve Spielberg and Robert Redford. To participate in a racehorse in The Jockey Club will cost you at least $65,000. You also need to cater for other expenses such as food, grooming, and accommodation.

8. Car Racing

Car racing is a common thing among the rich. For adventurous millionaires who like fun, they participate in high-performance race car driving. It is a relatively expensive hobby among millionaires since you need to maintain these cars and get adequate training before participating.

9. Polo

Polo is the other thing billionaires do for fun. Polo is a horseback ballgame played by two opposing teams. It is mostly played by the royal family and superstars like Gable Spencer. Only a few people can afford to play polo since it comes with hefty charges. For instance, to be a full member of the Detroit Polo Club will cost you $3,000 every year.

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10. Flying Planes

Most millionaires like flying in planes for fun, or taking piloting lessons. Most of the rich people own private choppers which they fly for fun. A good example is William Barton Hilton who owns a plane and flies it for fun. It is an expensive hobby because you need to secure a private pilot license that costs $12,000 and other charges.

Summary of Things Millionaires Do for Fun

The above are some of the things that millionaires do for fun. Most of the millionaires’ hobbies attract hefty charges that common folks cannot afford. However, since the rich can afford the charges, they like to take part in the above hobbies. Besides, these hobbies are associated with the elite class and are an indication of affluence.

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