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Top Startup Business Ideas to Invest In

Vincent Nyoike
Vincent Nyoike Business Ideas

There are so many business ideas to invest in, but it is challenging to decide on the best. We will provide you with the most promising business ideas that you can start. Business ideas arising when there is an opportunity, one has a skill, or there is a problem or market gap that needs to be filled. Therefore, consider these factors when choosing a business idea to invest. The following are some of the business ideas that you need to consider.

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1. Photography Business  

Photography can either be a skill or a hobby. Whatever it is for you, it is an excellent business idea to invest in. In photography, there are many areas you can choose to specialize in ranging from an events photographer, landscape photographer, aerial photographer, or fashion photographer. You can monetize photography in different ways and have multiple incomes.

2. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent business idea to invest in for those with SEO skills. Bloggers are generating tens of thousands of income from websites. You too can make money blogging. Providing content that will solve people's problems by informing them about what is happening in the world generate significant revenues.

You can blog in a wide range of ideas ranging from lifestyle, news, celebrities and finance. Select your field of specialization, create a website and start creating content. There are many web hosting companies available that you can use to store your information online. You can then connect your site to a Google AdSense account to start earning.

3. Event Planner

Planning events can be an excellent business idea to invest in if you have the skills and knowledge. Events can range from celebrations, education, promotions and workshops and commemorations. Events have been on the increase for the past decade. Consequently, its profits have also been on the rise.

Event planners are tasked with creating an event design, finding a site, decorating the site, planning for food and evaluating an event. Since people are busy at work and do not have the time to prepare for an event and look for the necessary items, people opt to hire professional planners. It is one of the business ideas that can help you generate significant revenues. 

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4. Freelancing

People will pay you if you help them write content for their websites or help them with online marketing, offer academic writing services, or any other online job. You only need to have a computer, skills and an internet connection. Best freelance websites include Fiverr, Upwork and Create an impressive profile that provides detailing the services that you offer.

The next step will be to convince potential customers to hire you. For this, you need to write a very catchy proposal and convince the client that you are the right freelancer for that task. Once you complete the task, submit it and get paid when the client approves that you have done it as instructed.  

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a YouTube channel or have a website, you can generate an income from them by through affiliate marketing. You need to have significant traffic to generate adequate revenue. You can join ClickBank or ShareASale affiliate networks. Potential companies will contract you if you have sufficient traffic to promote their products. 

6. Online Courses

Online courses are profitable business ideas to invest in that can help you to earn tens of thousands of dollars. If you have a skill like knitting or hairdressing or you would want to teach people a concept, you can start teaching people. It can be through videos or podcasts. People are willing to pay any cost to learn a new skill online. You can join platforms such as Skillshare and start teaching your courses.

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7. YouTube Channel 

YouTube is among the most excellent platforms for videos and search engines. Google owns YouTube and so many videos posted on YouTube tend to rank better. Invite people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Make sure to upload new videos with high-quality content continually. Keep checking your videos metrics and analytics to evaluate how your videos are doing. To start earning using YouTube, you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 watch time hours in the last twelve months. You need to be creative and have high image quality to attract a large audience. With this, you are ready to start earning.

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The above are some practical and cheap startup business ideas that we believe can generate high revenues. Look at the one that can work well for you and will help you generate enough revenue. A lot of patience is required since these ideas do not start generate income instantly. Some may take months while others can take even two years.