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How to Start a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

Starting a barbing salon business is a profitable venture in Nigeria. The demand for haircut and hairstyling services is high. Fortunately, both men and women need these services, hence the market for these services is huge. It is one business you are sure you will never run out of customers if you are offering quality services. In this article, I will take you through how to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria.

Write a Barbing Salon Business Plan

Before you can start a barbing salon business, you need to first write a business plan. A barbing salon business plan will help you plan your resources and ideas before implementing them. A good business plan should have the following:

  • Operational requirements
  • Startup costs
  • Sources of startup capital
  • Business location
  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Marketing strategies

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Learn How to Barb

Before you can start a barbing salon business in Nigeria, you need to learn how to barb. You need to know how to use clippers and also know different barbing styles. A barber is an artist and you need to learn the hair styles and different skill to win in the competition. Some of the skills in barbing that you need to learn include shaving, trimming, and tracing the hairline. No customer will be willing to visit your barbershop again if you don't master these skills.

Rent and Shop

Once you know how to barb, you need to rent a shop. When renting a shop, identify a good business location. Barbing salon business is best suited for areas with a high population like a town or a market. A barbershop is one of the businesses you can start within townships. Ensure also that your barbing salon shop is spacious to accommodate many customers. It should also have a waiting area.

Furnish the Shop

You need to furnish your barbing salon business before you can open doors to customers. Customers will most likely visit a well-furnished barbershop that has a revolving chair and customers have a waiting area. You also need to paint the shop with creative color combinations and make it look attractive. You can hire a designer to help you furnish your barbershop business.

Get Business Licenses

Before you can start business operations, you need to get a business license. You will need to register your business with agencies like CAC and get licenses to operate the business. Getting business licenses ensures that your business is legitimate and also helps you stay out of trouble with government agencies.

Buy Barber Salon Business Equipment

To start a profitable barbing salon business in Nigeria, you need to have the necessary equipment. If you have limited capital and you are just starting, you can buy the most necessary and keep adding more as time goes by. You will need the following barbing equipment:

  • Hair trimmers
  • Hair clippers
  • Revolving chair
  • Towels
  • Dyes relaxers
  • Head washing basin
  • Sterilizer kit
  • Sprays
  • Cover clothes
  • Standby generator
  • Mirrors
  • Conditioners
  • Straight razor
  • Waiting chairs
  • Hair cream
  • Comb and brush

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Cost of Starting a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

The cost of starting a barbing salon business in Nigeria depends on the size of the business, business location and the equipment you intend to buy. To start a well-furnished and equipped barbershop in Nigeria, you need between N350,000 and N500,000.

The following is the startup cost breakdown:

  • Hair clippers – N14,000
  • Cover clothes – N2,5000
  • Standby generator (2.5Kva) – N65,000
  • Sterilizer kit – N20,000
  • Mirrors and fans – N20,000
  • Waiting chair (couch) – N45,000
  • Revolving chair N30,000
  • Furnishing the shop – N25,000

Is Barbing Salon Business Profitable in Nigeria?

Barbing salon business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria since hair services are a necessity to almost every Nigerian. With a good business location, marketing, and by offering excellent customers services, you can get many customers. A barbing salon business in Nigeria can generate up to N150,000 revenue every month.

Barbing salon business expenses are as follows:

  • Rent per month – N25,000
  • Electricity bill – N4,000
  • Generator fuel N4,000

Challenges Facing Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

You can expect the following challenges in the barbing salon business in Nigeria:

  • Saturated market due to the presence of many barbershops
  • Challenge with the power supply fluctuation
  • Dishonest barber employees

Summary of How to Start a Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

To start a profitable barbing salon business in Nigeria, you need to learn how to barb and then buy the necessary barbing equipment. Learn different barbing hairstyles and then offer excellent customer service to your customers. After that, you can start marketing your business aggressively. Give your business time to grow by attracting new customers.

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