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What Sports Do Billionaires Play?

One of the things rich people do for fun is to engage in sports. However, rich people do not get involved in just any sport, instead, they choose less risky and dangerous sports. Most of the sports played by rich people require hefty membership fees and expensive equipment. And since only the rich can afford the costs associated, that's why they prefer such sports that the average person cannot afford to play. Besides, such sports come with class and status. 

What Sports Do Rich Play?

The following are some rich people sports and some of the billionaires who engage in them.

1. Polo

Polo is one of the rich people sport and is mainly associated with British royalty. It is commonly known as the “sport of Kings”. There are different types of Polo like camel polo, bike polo, and elephant polo. It is an expensive sport since you need to wear protective gear on the head, hands, and knees. 

Polo is an expensive game since it requires the maintenance of horses, hefty club membership fees, training, and sponsorships. Some of the world’s richest people and celebrities who love to play Polo include Walt Disney, Sylvester Stallone, and Marek Dochnal. Besides, most China billionaires also love to play Polo.

2. Golf

Golf is also one of rich man’s sports due to its high membership fee and the expensive equipment required. Golf brings together rich people giving them a chance to network, discuss their businesses and also conduct business deals.

Some of the world’s richest people who play golf include Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Bill Gates has been a member of Augusta National Golf Club since 2002. Other billionaire golfers include Tigger Woods, the best golf player in the world. 

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3. Snow Skiing

Snow skiing is another sport that the rich play. It is a common sport during winter. This sport is common in countries that snow during winter like the US, France, Japan, and Switzerland. Skiing enthusiasts travel to the snowy mountainside and then ski downhill.

Skiing equipment is expensive. Besides, you would need a mountain home and chalets for skiing. What makes snow skiing expensive is the high charges associated with renting ski resorts. Most rich people prefer to live in Swiss chalets where they can enjoy a world-class Swiss lifestyle as they skii.

4. Automobile Racing

What sport do rich people play? Automobile Racing is the other sport for the rich. For instance, Formula One racing attracts highest viewership among auto race sports. Automobile racing can include motorcycle racing or car racing.

Race cars and bikes are usually expensive and also require high maintenance. As such, only rich people can afford such expensive cars and are able to maintain them. Some of the rich people who are involved in automobile racing include Lewis Hamilton. Others include Michael Schumacher and Eddie Jordan. 

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5. Tennis

Tennis is a rich people sports that is associated with rich people. Tennis requires mental and physical stamina. Some of the tennis tournaments that attract large viewership include US Open, French Open, and Australian Open. Tennis can be played as a single sport or with a partner.

Tennis players are required to maintain high moral codes. Besides, tennis tournaments Some of the richest and best tennis players include Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams.

6. Competitive Sailing or Rowing

Competitive sailing is a recreational sport for the rich. It is also known as crew or rowing. It is common in the United States and it involves racing boats using oars. Rowing is a water sport that can be played solo or with a partner or in teams.

It is considered a rich man’s sport because acquiring a sailboat alone is expensive. This sport was previously known as yachting up until 1996. Competitive sailing is in three categories; coastal inshore races, offshore races, and short-course races.

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7. Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a rare sport and is mainly played by affluent American and British communities. Lacrosse was first played in English private schools. Lacrosse is now played in countries like Australia, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, and South Africa.

It is played inside a field or indoor court. Players pass the ball using a lacrosse stick and shoot into a goal. The real skill in playing lacrosse is passing the ball. It also requires good teamwork and coordination.

Summary of Rich People Sports 

The above are some of the rich people’s sports. Most of these sports require expensive equipment or hefty membership fees. And since the rich can afford the costs, they can sign up for membership and acquire the necessary equipment. Besides, rich people prefer safe sports where they will not get injured.

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