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What Percentage of Billionaires are Self Made?

A majority of millionaires and billionaires in the world are self made. Self-made means they have become successful and rich through their own efforts. Most of them started without money, education, or status but managed to work hard and made a fortune.

While some millionaires got their wealth through the efforts of their family members like inheritance, a majority of millionaires are self-made. But then, what percentage of rich people are self-made? Let’s dive into it.

What Percentage of Billionaires are Self Made?

According to, 60.08% of billionaires are self made. Most of them have invested in their own companies. Most of them are into entrepreneurship and have invested in industries like; technology, manufacturing, and real estate.

Number of self made millionaires as of Dec 2021

What Percentage of Millionaires are Self Made?

According to Business News Daily, 88% of all millionaires are self-made, meaning they did not inherit their wealth. Some of the sources of wealth for self-made millionaires include aster investments, capital appreciation, employee stock options, and compensation.

Are Most Millionaires Self Made?

Yes. A majority of millionaires and billionaires are self made meaning they made their wealth on their own without inheriting it. Most of them had middle class or poor upbringings. Nine of ten millionaires are self made.

After self made millionaires, following closely are those who made their wealth from a combination of their own efforts and inheritance. They represent 23.7% of all millionaires.

Following closely are those who inherited their entire wealth from their family members. They represent 8.5%.

Are All Billionaires Entrepreneurs?

Most likely, a majority of the billionaires you know are entrepreneurs. As such, you could be wondering; are all billionaires businessmen? No. Although a majority of billionaires own businesses that have helped them make a fortune, not all of them are businessmen.

Actually, some billionaires and millionaires invested in businesses they currently own after these companies were already successful. For instance, some CEOs have stock options and don’t own entirely the companies they have a stake in.

Besides, billionaires like Steve Ballmer don’t own their own businesses. Steve Ballmer acquired most of his fortune while he was the CEO of Microsoft which is owned by Bill Gates. Other self-made billionaires who don’t own companies are athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Summary of What Percentage of Billionaires are Self Made

Statistics have shown that the percentage of self-made billionaires stands at 60.08% while the percentage of self-made millionaires stands at 88%. It means that a majority of rich people have gotten their wealth through their own efforts without the help of family members or inheritance.

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