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Sales and Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

If you just started a new business, you may be wondering how you will draw customers to your startup. First, you need to understand your target customers. Get to understand how they interact with your products and how they acquire information. With that, you can identify the most convenient sales and marketing strategy to use.

In today's market where there are many businesses; startups need to embrace essential marketing strategies to get a market share. One of the ways to excel in business is to adopt trending marketing strategies.

Sales and Marketing Strategies for Startups

The following are some of the marketing strategies for businesses and startups.

1. Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a social platform with many users across the globe. Facebook offers an excellent platform to advertise a business and reach a greater audience. You can create a business page or account and start posting your products and services.

Alternatively, you can join Facebook groups related to services or products your business is offering. Create item listing, product descriptions and their prices on Facebook groups and pages. If customers are impressed, they will reach out to you. Leave contact details or business location so that customers can easily reach your business.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is becoming a great way to advertise business products and services. All you need is to encourage people to subscribe to your list and set automated emails. Then identify potential customers for email marketing. For instance, if someone shows an interest in a product by clicking its link, you can collect their email.

It is also good that you identify what your targeted customers like. It will assist you to understand their preference so that you can send them the most relevant email adverts. There are high chances of sales conversions if you send customer targeted emails.

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3. Develop a Brand

Developing a brand is one way to standout in business competition. The advantage of branding is that customers tend to build trust in a product. For instance, if customers know that your business sells quality diapers, they will be going for your brand from the stores.

However, business branding takes time and requires a lot of advertising before customers can trust your brand. When the brand gets acceptance in the market, then you can scale down advertising.  

4. Coupon Deals

You can draw customers to your small business by offering discounts and coupons. For instance, you can give an extra item for every three items a customer buys. This way, customers will want to buy more of an item to get a free one.

Businesses that tend to use this method of advertising are able to scale up their sales volume and also draw new customers to their products.

5. Bill Boards, Banners and Posters  

The use of bill boards, banners, posters and business cards is the most common marketing strategy. You only need to design a good business banner or poster and then display it where it is visible by passersby.

If a customer sees a service or a product they are in need of and you are selling it, they will visit your business. This method is suitable for a small business that is targeting local customers.  

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a trending marketing strategy that most businesses have started adopting. To make it in this marketing strategy, you need to find the right influencers.

Do not go for influencers with millions of followers. Instead, look for influencers within your business niche. This way, they can create customer attention by targeting the right audience. It will lead to higher sales conversion since you will be targeting the right customers.

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7. Business Website

Having a website for your business is an excellent marketing strategy. Businesses with websites look professional and also tend to reach a wider audience. Once you have a business website, list your business location, address, contact details and products you are selling.

You can create product listing of your business products. Provide product descriptions that are SEO optimized. This way, internet users can land on your website when they search these products on the internet. You can reach a greater audience and draw more customers to your business with a website.  

8. Video Tutorials

Tutorials are good not only for advertising but also helping people to understand how to use a product. You can create tutorials and post them on YouTube. Describe a product and how to use it and then post the video on YouTube or your business pages. Inform viewers how they can reach your business. For instance, if you are selling blenders, you can create a video tutorial while blending fruits.

Customers tend to trust a product if it has a video tutorial once they see its performance. It would be best if you have a business website, Instagram account or Facebook page where you can post video tutorial for potential customers to watch.

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9. Google My Business

Google My Business is an advertising strategy offered by Google. It helps local customers to find your business when they search a service or a product you offer. Make sure to provide product reviews so that potential customers can trust your business.

Google My Business provides potential customers with a business profile, Google Map profile and Google reviews. To succeed in this business marketing strategy, it is advisable to have a unique business name. It will help your business appear on internet searches and also draw new customers. It is a free form of business advertising.  

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the new trend of promoting business products. In affiliate marketing, a business uses marketers. For every sale that a marketer makes, the business pays him a commission. It is a common business advertising strategy used by most eCommerce businesses.

Businesses are now adopting affiliate marketing compared to other forms of adverting. It is because businesses want to spend advertising costs only where there are sales conversion. In affiliate marketing, a business will pay a commission only when the marketer makes a sale. 

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Summary of Sales and Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

There are many ways to market and promote your startup. The above marketing strategies have varying results depending on the nature of the business. As such, you need to identify the marketing strategy that works best for your business. It is also good to evaluate the performance of your marketing strategy from time to time to determine its efficiency. 

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