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What Phones Do Billionaires Use?

Have you ever wondered; what phones do billionaires use? Phones are some of the things wealthy people buy for fun. Celebrities, CEOs, and millionaires are known to use rare brands in the market that the average person cannot afford. Various brands like iPhone, Samsung, and others are competing and celebrities have had a lot of influence on what type of phones their fans can buy.

What Phone Do Billionaires Use?

The following are the common phones used by some well-known billionaires and celebrities.

1. Bill Gates - Samsung Galaxy

Bill Gates is the Founder of Microsoft. He uses an Android phone. Android and Microsoft software has been integrated and for this reason, Bill Gates has remained loyal to his software; Microsoft by using Samsung Galaxy. However, he still keeps an iPhone and he has been seen with an iPhone 5s.

2. Jeff Bezos - iPhone X

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon. In 2012, Jeff Bezos was using a Blackberry phone and he has recently been seen with a Samsung phone. What phone does Jeff Bezos use? Jeff Bezos is currently using an iPhone X.

3. Larry Page - BlackBerry and Sergey Brin - Nexus

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the co-founders of Google. The two are known to use Android phones. Sergey Brin was using a Nexus phone in the past but he is currently using Google Pixel. On the other hand, Larry Page uses a BlackBerry Phone.

4. Elon Musk - iPhone

Elon Musk is another billionaire who uses an iPhone. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and recently bought Twitter in October 2022. On several occasions, Elon has revealed that he is a great fan of the iPhone. He has mentioned iPhone and iPad on several occasions in interviews.

5. Mark Zuckerberg - iPhone and Samsung

The other phone used by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is the iPhone. It is said that Mark Zuckerberg gets free iPhones from Apple since he has connections with Apple executives. However, in a recent interview, he stated that he is a Samsung fan. 

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6. Tim Cook - iPhone

The other phone used by a billionaire like Tim Cook is the iPhone. Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple. It is no wonder he uses an iPhone. All his mobile devices are Apple products.

7. Evan Spiegel - iPhone

Evan Spiegel is the founder of Snapchat. He uses an iPhone. He revealed that he does not use a case on his iPhone and that he is very careful with his devices.

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8. Sundar Pichai - Motorola StarTAC

Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google. He said that his first phone ever was Motorola StarTAC in 1995. He also revealed that he has about 20 to 30 phones in his house but he did not reveal what brand they are.

9. Jimmy Wales - Samsung Galaxy S5

Jimmy Wales is a webmaster and internet entrepreneur known for co-founding platforms like Wikipedia and Encyclopedia. The millionaire answered a question on Quora, a question-and-answer website stating that he uses Samsung Galaxy S5.

10. Travis Kalanick - iPhone

Travis Kalanick is a co-founder of Uber and he uses an iPhone. On several occasions during conferences, he has been seen pulling out his iPhone.

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11. Pavel Durov - iPhone

Pavel Durov is the CEO of Telegram. He revealed that he uses Samsung S20 but sometimes uses an iPhone to test different applications.

12. Jack Ma - iPhone 11 Pro Max

Jack Ma is a co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group. Jack Ma was seen at a conference in 2019 taking photos using an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Summary of Phones Used by Billionaires

Which phone billionaires use? The above are some billionaires and the phones they use. It is evident that a majority of billionaires use iPhones closely followed by Samsung. Besides wealthy people, even a majority of celebrities use iPhones and Samsung brands.

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