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Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels

If you are struggling with personal finance, you don’t even need to go to class to learn about finance. Going to class can be an added advantage, but most of the financial information is free online. There are many personal finance YouTube channels where you can learn about investing, saving, budgeting, career, and lifestyle. You only need to subscribe to these finance YouTube channels.

In this article, you are going to get to know some of the best YouTube channels for financial education.

Best YouTube Channels for Financial Education

The following are some of the best finance YouTube channels where you can learn about financial literacy.

1. Graham Stephan

  • Date of creation: Dec 2016
  • Categories: Investing in real estate

Graham Stephan is another interesting YouTube channel for personal finance for those wishing to invest in real estate. The YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers with over 429 million views. Graham Stephan started investing in Real Estate at the age of 18. He became a millionaire at the age of 26. He shares his success, failures, and experiences investing in real estate.

2. The Financial Diet

  • Date of creation: June 2015
  • Categories: Budgeting, career, college, and lifestyle.

The Financial Diet is another good YouTube channel for personal finance. The finance YouTube channel offers fun and interesting videos where you can learn personal finance. It has over 991,000 subscribers and 107 million views. Some of the things you can learn from the videos include how to interact with money, how to make money work for you, and how to budget.

3. WhiteBoard Finance

  • Date of creation: October 2017
  • Categories: Personal finance, stock market investing, entrepreneurship, and real estate

WhiteBoard Finance is one of the best YouTube channels for personal finance. It was started by Marko Zlatic. It has over 899,000 subscribers and over 54 million views. The channel covers almost everything you want to know about personal finance. It also covers topics on how to purchase different stuff and real-life experience on how to grow your wealth.

4. Financial Education

  • Date of creation: Jan 2016
  • Categories: Investing in the stock market, personal finance, and entrepreneurship

Financial Education YouTube channel is also among the best personal finance YouTube channels. It was created by Jeremy to help people with investing, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. The channel has over 726,000 subscribers and over 92 million views. Jeremy teaches people how to make money from his experience of living without money at the age of 19 to owning a stock portfolio worth $200,000.

5. Ryan Scribner

  • Date of creation: October 2016
  • Categories: Investing, business startups, personal finance management

Ryan Scribner also tops the list of YouTube channels to learn finance. The YouTube channel has over 795,000 subscribers with over 62 million views. Ryan Scribner has experience in investments having invested in FinTech startups. He is now a millionaire from his side hustles and he shares his experience on his YouTube channel.

6. Nate O’Brien

  • Date of creation: Dec 2016
  • Categories: personal finance, minimalism, and productivity

Nate O’Brien is a personal finance YouTube channel where you can learn about ways to grow your income. The YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers and over 67 million views. The YouTube channel focuses on investing, personal finance, and minimalism. Most of his videos are from his personal experience where he shares how he makes money from his YouTube channel.

7. Debt Free Millennials

Debt Free Millennials is one of the leading YouTube channels for financial education  where you can learn about debt repayment. The YouTube channel is best suited for students and anyone else who cares to know about debt repayment. The YouTube Channel was started by Justine who was able to repay her student debt of $35,000 on a $37,000 income within 2.5 years. 

8. Minority Mindset

  • Date of creation: Nov 2015
  • Categories: personal finance, investing, and financial literacy

Minority Mindset is among the best YouTube channel for learning finance where Jaspreet Singh teaches about investing, money, and financial literacy. He is an investor who did not receive formal education on financial literacy. He has learned much about financial literacy through his experiences. 

9. MoneyWeek

  • Date is creation: March 2011
  • Categories: Investments, personal finance, and wealth creation

MoneyWeek was started to help people with personal finance and help people grow their wealth. The YouTube channel offers insight into investments and financial planning. You will get investment stories from investors like Warren Buffett.

10. Bank of America

  • Date of creation: March 2006
  • Categories: Financial products and services

Bank of America is a YouTube channel for those people who would like to know about banking financial products and services. The channel helps institutional investors, companies and individual investors make an informed judgment before investing. The channel has 112,000 subscribers and over 11 million views.

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Summary of Best Financial Channels on YouTube

The above are some of the best finance channels on YouTube you need to consider. You will learn a lot from self-made millionaires who have risen from debt. You will learn from many of these YouTubers who will give you an insight from their own experience, failures, and successes. 

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