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Best Payment Gateways in South Africa

If you want to set up an eCommerce store or you often shop online, then you need to consider the best payment gateway. A payment gateway is a payment service provider that enables you to make online payments. When choosing a payment gateway, you need to consider cost and convenience. Go for a payment gateway that is cheap for your customers and one that is easily accessible.

Leading South African Payment Gateways

The following are the best online payment gateways in South Africa.

1. PayU

PayU is a cheap and convenient payment gateway in South Africa. It is the leading payment service provider in South Africa. It is commonly used by many eCommerce stores across the world. You can use PayU for your business to manage large number of transactions.

You can pay directly from your wallet without the need to enter your credit card or debit card details. It offers features like billing and invoicing and supports online payments. It is also a safe and secure means of payment.

2. PayGate

PayGate is one of the oldest payment gateways in South Africa. You can use the services from many countries around the world and you can pay in multiple currencies. It supports mobile money, e-wallets payments and major cards like Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club. It is ideal for small and large businesses and can be used by banks and merchants.

Merchants can limit daily and monthly transactions. It has a functionality known as Payweb that you can use to add as a payment option on your website. Its activation fees range between 0 and 200 euros while monthly fees range between 0 and 450 euros.

3. iPay

iPay is a new payment service provider in South Africa. It supports domestic and international payments and that’s why it is increasingly used by merchants. It also supports various payments including mobile payments and comes with various integration methods.

It is ideal for eCommerce stores. It is secure and does not charge monthly fees. It is free to set up while transaction fees cost around 2.5%, depending on the volume of transactions.

4. Yoco

Yoco is a common payment gateway in South Africa. You can integrate it with your WordPress store to ease online sales. It is easy to process online payments and you can even integrate it with WooCommerce.

It is safe and secure and it is easy to set it up. Payments can be made online or through the Yoco card machine. All payments are recorded in the Merchant’s account, making it easy to track all transactions. Yoco payment gateway does not charge upfront costs. The only fees are 3.4% on all transactions.

5. PayFast

PayFast is another reliable payment service provider in South Africa for online businesses. It offers full integration allowing customers to make payments through your website. PayFast has partnered with eCommerce stores like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce to enable merchants integrate it with their online stores.

It offers the broadest shopping integration in Africa and supports many payment options. It is secure and fast enabling merchants to get paid instantly and securely.

6.  Money Matrix

Money Matrix is a payment processing provider in South Africa. It supports credit card and debit cards and a range of e-wallets, vouchers and mobile payments. It makes payments simple and accessible to everyone.

Money Matrix removes many costs involved in payments processes. It supports payments across over 100 countries and over supports a wide range of merchants, making it ideal for all kinds of businesses. It also comes with multiple integrations methods.

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7. NetCash

NetCash is also among the leading payment service providers in South Africa. It has over 16 years of experience and can be used by all-size businesses in Africa. NetCash provides quality payment services for eCommerce stores. You can integrate it with WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress and nopCommerce.

It comes with a dedicated payment Advisor that will advise you in case a challenge arises. It is easy to set it up and has a user-friendly interface. Users also earn interest on their credit balances. 

8. Opayo

Opayo, formerly Sage Pay is another excellent online payment gateway in South Africa. It is convenient and it is also widely used in other countries and Europe at large.

Opayo is ideal for small and medium companies. It offers invoice and online payments while it also supports international transactions in over 20 currencies. You can use it to access payment reports and see purchasing behavior of your customers.

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Summary of Online Payment Gateways South Africa

When selecting an online payment gateway South Africa, consider cost and convenience. If you intend to use a payment gateway for your online store, consider integration methods. The above are some of the best payment gateways in South Africa you can consider for your online store. Finding the best South African payment gateways for your business will improve your customer’s shopping experience and boost your sales. From the above list, you can select the best payment gateway South Africa. 

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