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Profitable Motorcycle Business Ideas in Kenya

The number of motorcycles on the Kenyan roads has been rising with each passing day. This is because of the popularity of the motorcycle business and how lucrative it is. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and would like to make a living from your passion, there are many motorcycle related business ideas you can try out in Kenya. Identify a profitable motorcycle business idea and then invest in it.

Profitable Motorbike Business Ideas in Kenya

The following are some motorcycle business ideas that can make you good money in Kenya.

1. Selling New Motorcycles

Selling new motorcycles is a good motorcycle business idea that is in demand. The demand for motorcycles is high, hence there is a ready market. However, becoming a dealer in new motorcycles will need you to dig deeper into your pockets since it requires large startup capital.

It is best you first research to identify the most used motorcycle brands in your area. Selling the best and most popular brands will earn you huge profits. Acquire the necessary licenses, get a strategic business location, and employ the best marketing strategies to get your business to the next level.

2. Delivery and Courier Service

If you have a bike that is not in use, starting a delivery or courier services business with it can be a great idea. Motorcycle courier service is the fastest and easiest way to make deliveries, especially in urban areas. Unlike vehicles, motorcycles are flexible and can zip around town even when there is heavy traffic.

It is also easier to find a parking space with a motorcycle than a car. To get started, you can find delivery companies that contract motorcycle owners to help in making deliveries. Alternatively, you can start your own courier service and hire drivers who will deliver your client’s items.

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3. Hosting Motorcycle Shows

Another motorcycle business idea is hosting motorcycle shows. You can host a show for either bike builders, motorcycle dealers, or owners of a particular motorcycle brand. You can make money by selling motorcycle trade show booth space and entry fees to the show.

4. Motorcycle Training School

There are many people willing to learn how to ride a motorcycle. If riding is your passion and you are a safe rider, you can start a training school and teach others how to do it. Also, if you can fix, or repair technical problems, you can teach bikers how to repair their own motorcycles. For a start, you can offer online manuals or tutorials and then go ahead to physical learning.

5. Buy a Motorcycle Business

Apart from starting your motorcycle business from scratch, you can buy an existing motorcycle business. Buying an already existing motorcycle business can be risky since the owner could be selling it because he is making losses. However, this should not discourage you.

You can buy a loss making motorcycle business and make it profitable. When you buy the business, focus on making it better. This will involve changing your marketing strategy, improving your customer service, and keeping your store stocked with what customers need.

6. Motorcycle Business Consultancy 

Becoming a motorcycle business consultant is another motorcycle business idea in Kenya. To provide expert advice in any of the many specialized fields related to motorcycles, you need to know everything about the motorcycle business.

For example, you should know the different businesses one can start in the industry, the requirements for starting each business, how to get the necessary licenses and permits, and the best marketing strategies for each motorcycle business.

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7. Motorcycle Spare Parts Business

The rising popularity of motorcycles and the growing number of motorcycle riders in Kenya has opened new opportunities in the motorcycle spare parts business. This type of business involves selling motorcycle parts in wholesale or retail. These parts can either be new or used.

Before you start your business, carry out some research to know the most preferred motorcycle spare parts to avoid stocking your store with unwanted motorcycle spare parts. You will also need to acquire the necessary licenses and permits so you can run a legal business.

8. Motorcycle Riding Tour Company

Another lucrative motorcycle business idea in Kenya is organizing motorcycle tours. You can plan these tours to amazing destinations and bike enthusiasts are sure to go for these tours. You can decide to offer guided, self-guided, custom tours, and/or motorcycle rentals.

To ensure that your clients enjoy the tours, make it your business to know amazing sights and experiences, roads with spectacular views, plan for light meals, and you can also make sleeping arrangements in the case of long tours.

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9. Motorcycle Repair Business

If you have some skills in motorcycle repair and maintenance, you can turn your skills into a money-making business. Most riders do not know how to repair their bikes and you can use this opportunity to offer these services for money. Motorcycles often break down hence creating a demand for repair services.

You need technical training on how to repair bikes before you can open a motorcycle repair business. Find out the most popular motorcycle brand around the place you intend to start your business and specialize in the repair of that particular brand.

10. Boda Boda Business

Boda boda business is an excellent motorcycle business idea in Kenya. Many people prefer to use motorcycle transport when travelling for short distances. To start a motorcycle business, you need to identify a route you will be ferrying passengers. Then fix prices based on mileage. The demand for boda bodas is usually high during morning hours when people are going to their workplaces and in the evening when they are leaving from work.  

Summary of Motorcycle Business Ideas in Kenya

There are many business ideas for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to make money from what they love. These businesses are popular because motorcycle transportation is the most efficient means of transport, motorbikes are cheaper and easy to use, and easier to maintain and repair than vehicles.

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