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Apps for Personal Financial Planning in South Africa

Money management is crucial when it comes to financial stability. The growing technology makes it easy for South Africans to set their budgets and manage their finances using their smartphones. Money apps in South Africa help people with budgeting and managing their finances. In this article, we will look at some financial and budgeting apps South Africa. 

Best Money Management Apps in South Africa

The following are some of the best money apps in South Africa.

1. 22Seven

22Seven is an app for personal financial planning in South Africa available on Android, iOS, and the web. It allows South Africans to integrate multiple accounts into one platform so that they can see, access, and manage their money from a single place at any time.

With 22Seven, South African’s can link bank accounts, credit and store cards, rewards and loans to create a detailed budget. 22Seven also offers budgeting tips and investment opportunities within the app.

2. Spendee

Spendee is a simple money management and budgeting app in South Africa that helps you to budget your money wisely and keep track of your spending. You can enter your income and expenses in the app, track your balances on a weekly or monthly basis, and keep track of your accounts.

The app also gives reports and graphs of your overall cash flow and it further shows you a breakdown of your habits and expenses. You can also use Spendee to connect your investment accounts to track your profits and losses over time.

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3. MoneySmart

MoneySmart is one of the best apps for personal financial in South Africa that is available on Android, iOS, and the web. It shows South Africans how much they can spend on a daily basis after their fixed expenses have been taken into account. If you overspend, Moneysmart will recalculate to make sure you do not exceed your limit at the end of the month.

MoneySmart works by allowing users to set up an anonymous account that syncs with their banks and credit providers. After providing personal details during account set up and your financial data becomes accessible, you will then be able to set financial goals, access insights regarding your transactional history, track your spending trends, and more.

4. Mint

The Mint money app in South Africa is a money management and budgeting app that helps you to create a budget with numerous categories. You can link the Mint app to your accounts and input your spending manually. South Africans can use the Mint app to receive alerts from unusual account charges and schedule their payments on the spot. You will also get custom tips for reducing debts and saving money.

5. ClearScore

ClearScore is one of the best money management app android that allows South Africans to review their credit score where they can see a monthly update on their credit report and get suggestions on how they can improve it. ClearScore further provides South Africans with a breakdown of their payment histories in their various credit accounts and a running balance of their debts.

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6. Splitwise

Splitwise is a money management app in South Africa that is ideal for tracking money between you and your friends especially when you go for holidays or road trips together to help split the bills. Roommates can also use Splitwiseto keep track of household bills and split the expenses. You can split with individual accounts and created groups where everyone can log in, add new expenses, see their balances, and settle-up instantly.

7. MyMoney

MyMoney is one of the best budget apps South Africa available on Android. It sets up automatic bank feeds so that your income, expenditure, and bank transfers are automatically updated in the app. South Africans pay R15 per month to access MyMoney services. There is also a free version of the MyMoney app, but it does not update your accounts automatically.

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8. Zapper

Zapper is one the best budgeting apps South Africa that aims at making payment of meals quickly. Zapper allows you to pay using your smartphone by scanning the QR code on your bill with the app. When the payment is successful, Zapper sends both you and the restaurant a notification of successful payment.

9. Pocketslip

Pocketslip money management app allows you to receive digital receipts when you purchase goods or services. This helps you avoid carrying bunches of slips each time you make a purchase. Pocketslip also helps to categorize and date your slips to make them easily accessible anytime you need them.

10. Good Budget

Good Budget is a South African personal finance app for budget planning and money management. The app works based on the cash envelope budgeting method and you can check your envelope balances while you are on the go. Also, you can sync across multiple phones making it perfect for sharing a budget with a family member or friend.

Summary of the Apps for Personal Financial Planning South Africa

Learning how to manage your finances is the first crucial step to financial independence. The growing technology has made it possible for South Africans to use their smartphones to manage their money better. With a wide variety of money management apps in South Africa, you will need to research and choose one that suits your financial needs.

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