Pros and Cons of Living in Australia

Australia is one of the countries that attracts expats, immigrants, and tourists. For some reason, you might be considering living in Australia and you may want to know, what are the pros and cons of living in Australia. Well, Australia is a beautiful country because of its stunning landscapes and pristine beaches.

Whether you are a student, an expat, an immigrant, or for whatever other reason you might be considering moving to Australia, it is a great country to live in. It has easy-going people, sunny weather, warm climate and beautiful beaches where you can go to relax. 

What are Pros and Cons of Moving to Australia?

The following are some of the pros of living in Australia that can inform you why you need to live in the country:

1. High Standards of Living

Australia is a highly developed country with a high quality of life. It is in the top 10 countries in the list of countries with quality life. This means that it has an excellent education system, and healthcare while the wages and salaries are also high.

2. Sunny Weather and Warm Climate

Australia is a very warm country and experiences about 300 sunny days a year. This makes it a great country to live in without having to worry about cold seasons. The lowest temperatures that Australia experiences are about 13C. Such temperatures are experienced during the Spring season in countries like the U.S and Canada.

3. No Language Barrier 

Australia was a British colony and it is an English-speaking country. English being the most spoken language in the world, a majority of people who move to Australia don’t have challenges with language. As such, if you are from the U.S, the U.K, or any English-speaking country, you won’t have a problem communicating. You will also find many other people speaking other languages in Australia.  

4. Strong Economy

Australia is one of the strongest economies in the world. It is also a highly developed country. Australia is rich because of the plenty of natural resources and a strong in agriculture, technology, and financial services. Australia has a GDP of $1.32 trillion and a per capita income of $51,885 according to Nova Riches.

5. Nature and Wildlife

Australia is one of the countries with rare wildlife species. Some of the rare wildlife animals you are likely to find in Australia include kangaroos and koalas. So, if you are a lover of nature and you would like to explore different wildlife specifies, consider moving to Australia.  

6. Availability of Amenities

Another advantage of living in Australia is the availability of amenities such as healthcare and education. Australia has a universal healthcare program that covers all Australian citizens and permanent residents. Besides, Australia is a great country with reputable schools and universities.

7. High Salaries

Australia is a rich country and is one of the countries with high average annual salaries. The average salary in Australia is 91,550 AUD which is higher than that of the U.S and the UK. So, if you are looking for a place where you can earn very high salaries, consider Australia. Besides, employment opportunities are high with a relatively low unemployment rate compared to other developed countries.

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8. Very Friendly People

A majority of Australians are very friendly and are always willing to help. You can just walk into a stranger and start having a chat with them. As such, if you like making new friends, Australia is a great place to live in.

Disadvantages of Living in Australia

The following are some of the disadvantages of living in Australia that you need to consider when making your decision:

1. High Cost of Living

The cost of living in Australia is very high. Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are some of the most expensive cities to live in the world. Rental costs are also high and finding a cheaper house can be extremely difficult. Cities that are relatively cheaper to live in Australia include Hobart, Adelaide, and Geelong.

2. Geographical Isolation

Australia is a geographically isolated country and moving to other countries can be extremely costly. You would need to use air or water transport to travel to another country. Besides, geographical isolation, it is also far from other countries. For instance, traveling from Australia to the U.S would take you at least 19 hours by air.

3. Extreme Weather

If you are used to relatively cold countries, you may find the weather in Australia very harsh. The temperatures are relatively high in Australia and most of the days are sunny. In fact, Australia has in the past experienced some of the worst wildfires because of the high temperatures. On the other hand, some parts of Australia experience heavy rainfall and flooding.

4. Wildlife Hazard

Australia has some of the most dangerous wildlife animals. Some of the rare and dangerous wildlife animals in Australia include poisonous snakes, spiders, jellyfish, and sharks. As such, you need to be careful. You also take precautions to keep your pets safe. Otherwise, they can also get attacked by these wild animals. 

5. High Taxes

 Australia has very high taxes that can definitely hurt your salary. When you arrive in Australia, you must obtain a tax file number (TFN) which you need to give to your employer for tax purposes. Taxes are usually higher for foreign residents. However, if you work from home, you can take advantage of working from home tax deductions

Is Living in Australia Worth It?

Yes. It is worth living in Australia. If you are looking for a higher income, you definitely get many well-paying jobs in the country. Also, there are high standards of living, and amenities such as education are available. Australia also has a universal healthcare system that covers Australians and permanent residents.


Australia is one of the best countries to live in the world because of its high standards of living, high salaries, strong economy, availability of social amenities, and very friendly people. However, some of the disadvantages of living o Australia include high cost of living, geographical, extreme weather, and high taxes. But, Australia is a great country to live in and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality life.

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