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What is the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous?

Rich and famous people live a different kind of life from those that are rich and are not celebrities. While millennial billionaires are very frugal in their spending and want to keep a low profile, rich and famous people like to live flashy life. They like to enjoy their money while it lasts by purchasing the best things in life. 

We are going to focus on the lifestyle of the rich and famous and see how it compares with the life of those that are rich but are not celebrities.

The Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Rich and famous people like to live life on the fast lane and like to enjoy their wealth while it lasts. This is the lifestyle of the rich and famous people like celebrities:

1. They Buy Luxurious Homes

The lifestyle of the rich and famous people is to buy luxurious homes. For instance, celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyoncé own a multimillion house worth $88 million. Others celebrities who own luxurious houses include Angelina Jolie and Tiger Woods.

On the contrary, Elon Musk does not own a home while Warren Buffett still owns a house he bought in 1958 for $31,500. While these two can afford luxurious homes, they like to live frugally unlike most rich and famous people.

2. They Wear Branded Clothes

Most rich and famous people have this lifestyle of wearing branded clothes. For instance, Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder is known for wearing sneakers by designer Rick Owens. Other celebrities who wear branded clothes are Vladimir Putin and Bruno Mars who wear Kiton.

On the other hand, rich people like Mark Zuckerberg likes to dress simply to avoid decision fatigue and avoid wasting money. Other billionaires  who wear simple include Bill Gates, John Paul DeJoria, and the Late Steve Jobs.

3. They Fly in Private Jets

The other lifestyle of the rich and famous is to fly in private jets. This gives them a sense of style and class. Some of the celebrities who fly in private jets include Oprah Winfrey, Floyd Mayweather, and Beyonce.

On the other hand, there are many billionaires who can afford private jets but don’t own any because they like to live a frugal life. Some of the billionaires without private jets include Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega, and Koch brothers.

4. They Like to Gift their Children Expensive Jewelry

Rich and famous people like to gift their children and spouses expensive jewelry that the average person cannot afford.

For instance, Cardi B gave their daughter Kulture a $100,000 worth of diamond necklace. Beyonce and Jay Z bought their daughter Blue Ivy a diamond-encrusted Barbie worth $80,000 for her birthday. 

5. They Buy Fancy Cars and Gadgets

The other lifestyle of rich and famous people is that they like to drive fancy cars and own expensive gadgets like phones. They go for what is new and trending in the market.

When there is a new model of a car or a new brand of a mobile phone, celebrities always want to be the first to own one. Besides, tech gadgets, they also like going for expensive stuff. For instance, Kim Kardashian has a Louis Vuitton trash can. 

6. They Live in Expensive Suburbs

Rich and famous people like to live in expensive suburbs. For instance, many celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, and Leonardo DiCaprio live in expensive estates like Beverly Hills. The reason why celebrities love rich suburbs is so that they can enjoy the amenities like security that come with living in expensive suburbs.

7. They Like to Associate with Rich and Successful People

You will find rich people hanging out with their fellow counterparts in places like golf courses and restaurants. The reason why rich and famous people like to associate with successful people is so that they can learn, share ideas and create business deals with their counterparts.

Summary of the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Rich and famous people like celebrities like to live life in the fast lane. Unlike other rich people who are frugal in their spending, rich and famous celebrities are spendthrifts. They like to wear branded clothes, drive expensive cars, own expensive gadgets and jewelry and also live in expensive suburbs where they own luxurious houses.

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