Would Life Be Better without Money?

Have you ever asked yourself how life would be without money? Do you think life would be better without money? In my opinion, to a greater extent, life would be much better in a cashless economy. Money has brought about more social evils than good. For instance, the rise in crime rates and marriage breakdowns has been caused majorly by money.  

Here, we are going to look at if life would be better without money.

What Would Life Be Like without Money?

Life without money would be much different from how it is currently. Most of the evils in society have been brought about by greed for money. If there was no money, life would be different in this way:

1. Families Would Spend More Time Together

Work is one of the places where people spend over 60% of their time. People often work for longer hours to earn more and get overtime pay. If there was no money in the world, people would not need to spend much time at work. Instead, they would spend that time with family, friends, and relatives.

2. People Would Do What they Love

Many people are trying to make ends meet through paying bills and giving their families the best life by looking for more money. As such, they look for better-paying jobs even if they are jobs they don't like. Otherwise, if there was no money in the world, people would look for jobs they are passionate about.

3. Work Would Become Simpler

There are many unnecessary jobs that are in existence just to support a world where money is a major concern. Jobs like accounting would not be there if there was no money. Consequently, people would take up more necessary jobs like farming. People would look for jobs that have an impact on society.

4. Stress Levels Would Disappear

Have you heard people complaining that they are having too much pressure from work? It is because they have to meet deadlines and also meet targets set for them by their employers. Organizations put such pressure on employees because they too are looking for ways to increase their revenues. If there was no money, job related stress would disappear. 

5. Homelessness Would End

Many people are homeless today because they have no money to pay rent and other household bills. If there was no money, people would get accommodation in exchange for chores like laundry and babysitting. It would also be easy to build a home since you wouldn’t need money to buy materials.

6. We Would All Be Rich in Different Ways

One of the measures of success in this generation is the amount of money one has accumulated. If there was no money, people would be rich and successful in different ways. For instance, farmers would be successful based on their produce.

7. There Would Be More Peace and Happiness

People have lots of stress on how to make money and how best to spend it. For instance, you will hear people asking themselves, how do I increase my income or where do I go for vacation? If there was no money, people wouldn’t have to stress over such things. Besides, people would find happiness in things like spending time with their families and wouldn't need to spend money. 

8. Nothing would Be Luxury 

Many rich people wear branded clothes and possess luxurious commodities like private jets and yachts. Such items have a monetary value attached to them. But if there was no money, there wouldn’t be such luxurious items. People would be equal and there wouldn’t be much wealth disparity.

9. No Marriage Breakdowns

Many marriages break down because of finances. Also, in this generation, people consider one’s income when looking for a life partner. It is easy to find a partner if you have money unlike when you don’t have it. But if you don’t have money, it becomes challenging to find a partner. If money wasn’t there, marriage breakdowns would reduce and it would be easier to find a life partner.

10. Reduced Theft and Crimes

One of the major causes of theft and crimes are wealth disparity and poverty. When people have no money to spend, there is that temptation to steal from those who have lots of it. If there wasn’t money, poverty and wealth disparity wouldn’t be there. Consequently, theft and crimes would no longer exist.

Summary: Would the World Be Better without Money?

Yes. The world would be better without money. Money has resulted to stress, homelessness, theft and crimes, and marriage breakdowns. If there was no money, such things would no longer exist. Money has brought about so many evils. Life wouldn’t be this complicated and people wouldn’t have to take up jobs they don’t like just because they pay well.

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