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Profitable Kasi Business Ideas in South Africa

Many people in South Africa live in townships, creating a market for kasi business ideas. There are many informal settlements around major towns that create a market and demand for goods and services. Many large businesses operate in urban areas. This creates an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to operate profitably in South African townships. In this article, we will provide you with profitable kasi business ideas in South Africa. 

Kasi meaning South Africa. Kasi is an area around a city that is mainly occupied by black South Africans.

1. Local Delivery Business

In South Africa, many people living in townships travel to fetch or deliver goods. You can start a delivery business to help people transport shopping from towns and agricultural produce from rural areas to the market, or their homes. A local delivery business is an excellent business idea if you have a car or a motorcycle. You can open a shop that can act as a pickup point. Among the items, you can be delivering include clothes, shoes, medicine, agricultural produce and shopping.

2. Transport Service

You can start a taxi business to help people get around. The high number of people living in townships and working in urban areas makes a taxi business an excellent kasi business idea. There are also a high number of expats and tourists in South Africa that create a demand for transport services. You can print posters and put them in strategic positions like bust stops and people in need of the service can always reach out to you.

3. Laundry Service

Laundry is an excellent kasi business idea in South Africa. Many people living in townships often require laundry services. If you have a washing machine, you can start a laundry business. You can grow your business and offer other services like ironing and tailoring services. These are complimentary services that can help boost your business revenues and also attract more customers.

4. Babysitting

With many people working during the daytime, babysitting is a lucrative township business idea in South Africa. You offer babysitting services from your client’s home, or you can start a daycare. Your work will involve taking care of babies, feeding them and cleaning them. Mothers can leave you with their babies as they go to work in the morning and pick them in the evening. 

5. Plumbing

With many people requiring plumbing services and repairs in South African townships, plumbing is a good kasi business idea. Also, with many homeowners installing piped water, there is a high demand for plumbing services. To get started, you only need plumbing skills and then you can start advertising your plumbing services.

6. Spaza Shop

A spaza shop is a profitable business idea in South Africa. Many people living in South African townships prefer shopping in spaza shops. You can sell a wide variety of products like household products. It is a good business idea since there is no high competition unlike in urban areas where there is high competition from grocery stores.

7. Ice Cream Shop

Many people in South Africa love ice cream, especially when the weather is hot, making it a lucrative kasi business idea. You can sell ice creams with newer trends to stay competitive. For instance, you can sell ice cream with frozen yogurt or different flavors.

8. Barber Shop and Hair Salon

A barbershop or a salon business is an excellent business idea for people living in townships. There are many people who want their hair cut or their hair done. The high demand for these services makes this a profitable business idea. You only need to have barbing or hairdressing skills to get started. You can open a small business and start offering these services.

9. Sewing and Tailoring Business

You can start a tailoring business in townships of South Africa. You need to be a professional in making clothes to make it in this business. Then get the tailoring equipment and you are ready to start a tailoring business.

10. Kota and Magwinya Business

You can start a kota and magwinya business in South African townships. Many people love eating kota and magwinya and this provides a large market for this business. You just need to know how to prepare delicious kota and magwinya to make it in the business. You can sell other things like chips and drinks. 

11. Internet Café

Many people living in South African townships don’t have computers, laptops, and access to the internet. You can help them access internet services by starting an internet café. You will need to rent a safe and secure place for your business. This is to prevent your equipment from getting stolen.

12. Rental Buildings

The high demand for rental buildings in South African townships is very high. This makes the rental building a profitable kasi business idea. You can rent out your houses for commercial or residential use. Rental buildings are a good way to earn passive income. It is a stable business with high demand.

13. Car Wash

You can start a car wash in a township and generate a high income. Offering excellent customer service will help you attract and retain customers in your business. Make sure to choose a suitable business location for your car wash since it will greatly determine the profitability of your business.

Summary of Township Business Ideas South Africa

The above are some of the profitable township business ideas in South Africa. It is not easy to start a business and as such, research the market and check the viability of the business idea in the location you want to start one.

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