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How to Talk to Rich People

If you are scheduled to meet or talk to rich people, then you need to learn how to talk to them. First, you need to know what excites them and also get to know their boundaries. For instance, there are personal questions you shouldn’t ask rich people while there are questions you can ask them and have a meaningful conversation. As such, you need to strike a balance between the two.

In this article, you are going to learn how to talk to rich people and get them to like you.

1. Talk About Things they Like to Talk About

One of the things you need to understand before meeting wealthy people is to know how rich people talk. Rich people like to talk about things they like such as their hobbies, business, and investments. As such, if you want to talk to a rich person and impress them, talk about the things they are passionate about.

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2. Talk about Problems and Possible Solutions

Wealthy people like talking with people who can offer solutions to life challenges. One of the ways to talk to a rich person and impress him is to talk about problems and their possible solutions. Don’t just talk about problems, but also provide solutions. This makes you look smart and wealthy people like engaging with such people.

3. Appreciate their Success

Everyone wants a pat on the back, and so do wealthy people. So, before starting a conversation with wealthy people appreciate their success. However, don’t overdo it or exaggerate it to make them look like superhumans. Find out remarkable achievements in their lives or philanthropic contributions they may have made to society. Then appreciate them for these contributions. 

4. Be Brief and Concise

Another thing to consider when you talk to wealthy people is to be concise. Wealthy people don’t usually have a lot of free time. As such, you need to go direct to the point when talking to them. Don't beat around the bush. Make your suggestions or statements short, clear, and concise. This makes you look brilliant and time conscious, a virtue many wealthy people like.

5. Don’t Ask for Money

The other thing is that you shouldn’t ask for money from rich people. When you talk to rich people, avoid asking personal questions like how much money they make or if they can give or lend you money. Instead, ask for ideas on how to make money. Wealthy people are usually willing to give people ideas such as business ideas and investment ideas.

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6. Share Your Quality Ideas

While talking to wealthy people, you also need to contribute to the subject of discussion. As such, you need to be knowledgeable about the subject at hand so that you can also contribute. Make sure you have quality ideas and solutions. If rich people like your ideas, they will want to have more conversations with you.

Summary of How to Talk to a Millionaire

The above are some of the ways to talk to rich people and create a good impression. If rich people like your conversations, they are likely to want to have more meetings with you. As such, when you meet a wealthy person for the first time, make sure to create the best impression so that they can long to have another conversation with you.

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