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How to Start a Dropshipping Business on eBay

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eBay is one of the leading eCommerce stores where you can make a living selling. This is a guide on how to start dropshipping on eBay. Dropshipping is on eBay is a profitable business since it costs you less to set up a store. You can sell a wide variety of products. eBay has sellers and customers from all over the world, making it a haven for a dropshipping business. You can start dropshipping on eBay as a part-time job or a full-time job. 

Choose a Product Niche

To start dropshipping on eBay, you need to decide what products you will be selling in your eBay store. It is important that you specialize in a certain product and establish a brand in it. When choosing an item to sell, ensure it is in high demand and there isn’t a high competition. There are a wide variety of products you can sell ranging from:

  • Automotive spare parts
  • Cosmetics
  • Toys and games
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Home and kitchen products
  • Electronics
  • Office equipment
  • Baby products

You need to research before deciding the items to sell on your eBay store. You can use a tool like SaleHoo Market Lab to identify the number of people selling the product and its demand. Also, take time to understand the products you will be selling. It is good to sell a product you have used.

Find a Product Supplier

You need to find suppliers for the products you will be selling in your eBay store. When choosing a product supplier, make sure that he is reliable, efficient in communication and delivers products in good time. Consider how the supplier packs and ships commodities. You can start by buying products for personal use before you can start working with a supplier. Consider how fast he delivers the items and how they are packaged and shipped.

You can research online using supplier directories. Look at a supplier's reviews and ratings to see other people’s experience working with him. Do not consider the supplier’s price only, but also the quality of products he delivers. You can make more by selling slightly expensive, but high-quality products compared to cheap but poor quality.

Create an Online Store on eBay 

Once you have a reliable supplier, create an eBay shore. Select an impressive eBay username. The name should be professional, original and memorable. Your eBay name is your brand and that is why it should be professional. You will enjoy various perks for using eBay online store. For instance, you will get marketing tools, more product listings and lower fees.  

You need to register for an eBay account. You only need to provide your name, email address and then create a password. You will then be required to provide additional details like phone number and business name.

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eBay Subscription Fees

The following are the fees for eBay packages. The number of products you can list on eBay store depends on your subscription fees.

  • Starter package - $4.95 per month
  • Basic package - $21.95 per month
  • Premium package - $59.9 per month
  • Anchor package - 299.95 per month
  • Enterprise - $2,999.95 per month

Create Product Listing

Once you have a subscription, you need to create a product listing by entering product keywords. The keyword can be a brand name, product size, or color. Keywords are critical and they make products appear when customers search for them. You also need to specify the condition of the items you are selling and contents of the packaging box. 

For every product you list, there should be an accompanying photo. You can post up to 12 photos for free on eBay. Take shots of the product from different angles and post them on your store. Customers view items before deciding whether to buy or not. The photos should be clear and high quality. Finally, provide your contacts like address and phone number. 

Write Product Descriptions

You need to tell potential customers about the product you are selling. Create mouth-watering product descriptions, but ensure its true. Tell the customers about the benefits they will reap when they use the product. A product description should match the product. Customers will make a refund when they buy a product that does not match the description. Sometimes, eBay can force you to make a refund without the customer returning the product. 

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Set a Price for Your Commodities

After writing a product description, you need to set prices for your commodities. There are a few considerations to make when setting prices. Consider the wholesale price, prices by other retailers and the demand for the item.

There are two ways you can sell items on eBay; listing the product on auction or placing a “Buy Now” bid. Most customers buy products on eBay using the auction option.

In the auction option, the retailer places an item in auction and sets the time, normally seven days when the product is sold. After seven days, the product is sold to the highest bidder. This method is popular but most customers do not have the patience to wait until the seven days are over. The Buy Now option gives customers a better customer experience since they do not have to wait for the auction duration to end. Some retailers offer both options.

Set Shipping Fees

Finally, you need to set a shipping fee. The shipping fee is determined by the location of the buyer and the size of the item. Some retailers set a flat shipping fee regardless of the buyer's location. Other retailers include the shipping fees in the price of the product and then set the shipping fees as free. You need to understand what works best for your eBay store and your customers.

Before submitting your items ready for for sale on eBay, double-check that all the details are correct. If they are, you can go ahead and list them.

How to Succeed in eBay Dropshipping Business

To succeed in the eBay dropshipping business, you need to follow eBay's best practices. For instance, the maximum shipping duration is 30 days after receiving payments. The best option is to provide your customers with a shipping duration so that they can know when to expect the shipment.

You also need is to respond to customers promptly. It gives them the best experience and gain trust in you. Finally, make sure to provide high-quality products. It will help you get high ratings and positive reviews, giving other customers the confidence to buy from your eBay store.

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Summary of How to Start Dropshipping on eBay

Every retailer on eBay aims to get a Top-rated badge. To get the badge, you must have been active on eBay for at least 90 days and completed over 100 transactions. You should not have a late shipment and the defect rate of your sales should be less than 0.5%.

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