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How to Sell Land Fast in Kenya

Land is one of the most promising investments you can venture into in Kenya. However, selling vacant land requires hard work compared to selling property. This means you will need to go the extra mile such as getting more creative on how to advertise it to get potential buyers faster. In this article, we will show you how you can buy land fast in Kenya.

1. Set Competitive and Fair Prices

It is advisable to set a price that is in line with market prices in the area where your land is located. You can do this by carrying out research and asking about the prices of neighboring pieces of land. This will help you set a standard price; not too low and not too high. Too high prices will chase away potential buyers.

On the other hand, too low prices will lead to losses. Monitor the demand-supply dynamics in your area to get your leverage point. Understand that price is inversely proportional to its supply. The lower the supply, the higher the price and vice versa.

2. Prepare the Land

When selling your vacant land, you need to make it presentable before you invite potential buyers to see it. Potential buyers may fail to see the beauty of the land you are selling to them if they see overgrown grass, vegetation, litter, and weeds on it.

If there is any garbage on the piece of land, collect it. If you sell your piece of land in this condition for the buyers to clean out themselves or cut overgrown grass and trees, they might ask for a discounted price so they can meet the cleaning and clearing costs.

3. Provide Proper Documentation

Preparing your piece of land and showing it to potential buyers will be a waste of time if you do not have proper documentation for the land. A title deed is an important document to have because before you can transfer land ownership. The buyer will demand to see it to know you are the rightful owner of the land.

It is also advisable that you pay any land rates and have the rates clearance certificates ready because they are important for the process.

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4. Mark Land Boundaries

It is important to mark boundaries so that the potential buyer sees what they are buying. Many potential buyers will avoid purchasing unmarked land because in most cases it becomes the cause of land disputes.

To find a buyer faster, make your boundary markings clear so that they can also come out clearly in photos you will use to advertise the piece of land.

5. Provide Proper Description of the Land

When marketing your piece of land, especially online, make sure you give a proper and detailed description of the land. With the number of fraud cases on the rise in Kenya, an unclear description will sound suspicious and potential buyers will avoid buying your land.

For example, if your land is fertile for farming, include that in the description, if there are any amenities, include them. This will help to attract buyers faster.

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6. Take Photos from Different Positions

The best way to show vacant land to potential buyers is by taking aerial photos of the land. A bird’s eye view of the piece of land will help potential buyers to see the size clearly. This will need you to invest in quality land photography. You can also take videos of the piece of land for a better display.

7. Take People for Land Viewing

Nobody will want to pay for a piece of land that they have not seen yet. Showing potential buyers your piece of land is your responsibility. If the land is at a distance from where the potential buyer is, you will sometimes need to organize how the buyer gets to the exact location to see the land. Many successful real estate companies offer free land viewing transport services. 

8. Advertise your Land on Listing Sites

These days, when people want to buy something, the first place they check is on the internet. Land is no exemption. People will search on where to buy land online because it saves time compared to moving around to ask about land sellers. Advertising your land online will give your land much visibility and publicity. When advertising online, make sure to upload the best aerial photos of your piece of land.

The photos will at least give the potential buyers an idea of what the land looks like. Make sure to provide contact information in your advert so that buyers can contact you. It is best to get in touch with clients within 24 hours when they inquire about the land. Some of the best land advertising platforms in Kenya include BuyRentKenya, Property24, MyProperty, and Commercial Property Kenya.

Summary of How to Sell Land Fast in Kenya

When selling your land in Kenya, keep in mind that there are other many land sellers in the country. As such, you will need to be proactive in looking for potential buyers and advertise the land in the best way possible. Being a complex process, any wrong decision you make slows down the process. Get all the proper documentation ready, strategize, and be patient.

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